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The legalisation process of the Swiss Foundation in Indonesia started in July 2019 - The opening of its official representation or branch in Indonesia

5 August 2019

Fair Future Foundation Indonesia

Posted by : alex-wettstein

Why should we create a legal representation of the Fair Future Foundation in Indonesia?

Dear friends, Dear families,

I have the great pleasure to write to you to explain in a few lines, the deadlines of the foundation in the coming months to ensure its future as well as consolidate its past actions, ongoing and those of tomorrow.

I had spoken about it during the general assembly of the Fair Future Foundation in Switzerland last June, and this point also appears in the minutes of our meeting. So, here I am again after a lot of studies, surveys and contacts with the Swiss embassy and the Indonesian authorities.

As you know, for almost ten years now, the Fair Future Foundation (FFF) has worked with other local foundations to make its social and health actions possible on the field, but also and above all to make them proper regards Indonesian laws.

For the last ten years, the FFF has never been able to work on actions in its own name. Therefore we collaborate with one or more local organisations with success, but the resources available are limited as I will explain later.

To work and offer our services -thanks to you all-, the FFF has helped to create a local Foundation: The Bali Sari Foundation - Yayasan Bali Sari in 2011.

The fact is that it is too often difficult to plan for the future, to plan a good future for the Swiss Foundation. And as I would also say below, the FFF has grown!

From now on, things must change, and we have this little project that we submit to you.

To grow is to act. Let's plan together and implement adapted solutions!

Develop the foundation and extend it to the whole country. All while keeping our Swiss DNA. "It's very important to me. We want to import Swiss know-how "...

We must receive more donations to fund our ongoing projects and those of tomorrow. Because in the state, it's very difficult, or not possible anymore! Having the chance to get more donations, yes, but also funding, equipment and specialists! Collaborate with the states, receive support from governments because that of Indonesia offers us nothing less than nothing. It is a developing state, poor in everything in terms of techniques, humanities, social and has no know-how in terms of sustainable development.

This project is for the sole purpose of giving the FFF time to live a long life! Therefore, we must react and adapt to the economic demands of our time,

React with suitable solutions, and that will open new horizons media, scientific, cultural among others. The FFF must, therefore, equip itself with tools corresponding to its new projects if we want to succeed them. And survive!

Because we have grown because we have reached maturity. Today, we have other ideas that meet different needs.

These new ideas are all future actions of substantial magnitude that will undoubtedly require other techniques of implementation, separate pieces of knowledge. Above all, to be able to benefit from resources that are not available here.

One or more local foundations are not enough anymore. Our needs and those of our beneficiaries are too important now. And we do not have enough funds, not enough funding and no or very little support from states, large state NGOs etc.

Give us a lifetime, visibility, credibility

The famous "Made in Switzerland" is not a legend and today we want to import these new techniques, new knowledge and new resources. From Switzerland, from other countries too!

The fact of having a "Swiss representation" in the Indonesian territory will allow us shortly to collaborate on behalf of the FFF with other partners, but also and above all, to set up our solutions, attracting new resources, customers and or techniques.

The additional benefits are also much better management of financial resources and controlling requested by the Swiss authorities.

Moreover, to be able to have more international help too, as the big foreign agencies collaborate more willingly with an official organisation from Switzerland or another country, in which the management and management controls are carried out much more rigorously. And as I said, we must succeed in having more funding.

Another major advantage is to benefit from the expertise, knowledge of a country where the technical, medical and scientific are represented in force. Thanks in part to research, universities, institutes in sustainable development etc.

Switzerland is one of those countries where these new horizons can become new areas of activity, thanks to these possibilities; the FFF is firmly convinced.

The timetable

From then on, we started the process with the Indonesian authorities so that the Swiss Foundation "Fair Future Foundation" can legally obtain its official representation in the Indonesian territory.

At first, we commissioned a Notary and Jurist, specialists in International Law in Jakarta, to make a first feasibility study. We are therefore moving forward in these preliminary studies and have already been able to work on a specific timetable.

It is obviously not an easy thing to achieve because functional disparities are real between our two countries. But the outstanding points will be, without doubt, accomplished to achieve this goal: The Fair Future Foundation Indonesia.

The essential steps for this project are as follows

  • The legalisation of the Swiss Foundation in Indonesia

    • All official documents of the FFF were translated and forwarded to the Indonesian authorities in Jakarta who have approved them.
    • Appointment of a local foundation council whose undersigned (AW) will be a founding member. Six other people who have more than my trust, active in the cultural life, associative and philanthropic for the regions of Java, Sumba, Poso in particular. They are not Balinese, but originally from Java, mostly big cities, and we all have a higher education. It is also important to note this fact.
  • To have legal, independent and official premises for the Foundation

    • Premises with an office, meeting room with authorisations issued by the authorities in charge, related to the future activities of the FFF Indonesia;
    • It must be offices, with business licenses on commercial activities;
    • Indeed we have found premises that fit well. They offer great opportunities for development, absolutely fabulous because a significant daily passage of people is up. It is a place of culture recognised in the region. It includes a 35m2 office, the provision of open space to create events for and by the foundation, seminars, conferences like the ones we do (Alex does) already for years etc. There is also a small coffee bar, an open stage allowing the organisation of public events BY the Foundation, supported by the managers of the places.
  • Implement, develop new socio-medical actions by the Fair Future Foundation Indonesia

    • With places of work such as Sumba first, then PosoPapua and other very disadvantaged areas;
    • Continue, consolidate the actions of course;
    • With a new team that will develop new projects and deal optimally with current or old projects;

Accounting and project management

  • The projects will be led by the Indonesian foundation, as it will be a different entity

    • Definition, planning and illustration of a project located on the territory of actins defined in the statutes of the FFF;
    • Request for financing or additional financing for a project;
    • development step-by-step as needed;
    • Establishment of accounting by the Indonesian Foundation and transmission of final accounts in Switzerland, as we already do;
    • Establishment of detailed accounting for local actions, transfer to Indonesian supervisory authorities;
    • Audit once a year of the Indonesian foundation by the local authorities;
    • Report the accounts of the local foundation that will be part of the Foundation's activity report.


In summary, the management will be done on-site, by the people of the Indonesian Foundation and a link will be created with the Swiss Foundation.

We thank you for your interest, kindness and trust.

Very sincerely yours - Fair Future Foundation Switzerland - Alex Wettstein - Indonesia, the 22.08.2019

Few words about this important project

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