2018 Audit of the Fair Future Foundation - The General Meeting

On June 25, 2019 was held the general meeting of the Fair Future Foundation, during which the 2018 accounts were approved

27 June 2019

General Assembly and Accounts 2018

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The foundation publishes all its documents; we must, and we want to be transparent!

Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, dear families, dear children,

On June 25, 2019, the Fair Future Foundation (FFF) General Meeting was held at the premises of our auditor and controller at FidOffice SA, in Etoy (VD Switzerland). All members of the Foundation Board of the FFF were present, and we had the joy of receiving a surprise guest: One of Chloe's children, the little Sasha barely three years old.

We talked about the 2018 accounts, and they were approved by our Board, after being audited by our auditor Mr Adriano SInopoli, Director of FidOffice SA. As an auditor, FidOffice SA has audited the annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement and notes) of FFF for the year ended 31 December 2018. The audit was carried out following the Swiss Standard for Restricted Control. This standard requires planning and carrying out the audit in such a way that significant anomalies in the annual accounts can be established. This restricted audit mainly includes auditions, analytical control operations as well as appropriate detailed checks of documents available in the controlled enterprise.

Upon the annual audit by FidOffice SA, no evidence was found, that the financial statements do not comply with the law and the statutes. They are therefore in full compliance with the Swiss Foundations Laws, and the statutes of the FFF.

As a result: The 2018 accounts as presented are accepted by the Board of the FFF. Discharge is given to the treasurer-secretary of the Foundation, Mr Daniel Vouilloz. We thank him very much for the excellence of his work.

We also talked about several other points, including the opening of official representation of the FFF, on the Indonesian territory, this in full compliance with local laws and legislation. Many advantages to this approach that will take a few months to succeed, including the fact that the FFF can be a contact and a direct partner with the Indonesian health and social services. We will keep you informed about this as soon as possible.

The Foundation Board also took note of the difficulties created by some of the former members of the Bali Sari Foundation (BSF) Foundation Board. We already review and discuss it in a previous post. Again, not too much trouble, things are progressing, and soon, a favourable solution to this problem will be found. Alex and the local teams are in charge of this problem and information will be sent to you to keep you informed.

Following the validation of our new statutes by the DFI (Federal Department of the Interior) of 14 February 2018, the head office of the FFF was moved to the home of Mr Daniel Vouilloz in 1522 Lucens (VD).

The FFF board voted and agreed to offer a voucher of CHF. 500.- to Mr Alex Wettstein, President and Founder, of the FFF, on the occasion of his marriage with Mrs Ayu Setia Wardani. Alex thanks them wholeheartedly and he will make good use of it, in Indonesia ;-).

We also renewed the board members, and everyone agreed to continue. Thank you all for your extraordinary work and dedication.

It is with great pleasure that the FFF Board renewed the mandate of its auditor, Fidoffice SA, with whom we have been working for almost ten years now. A personal thank you to Mr Sinopoli for the excellence of his work.

The day ended with a meal together, on a sunny terrace in Etoy, a beautiful moment filled with joy and optimism.

With thanks for your kindness and generosity. Very sincerely.

Fair Future Foundation / FFF-aw-dv - June 27, 2019.

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