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19 November 2019

Kawan Baik Indonesia

Posted by : alex-wettstein

Dear Sir, Dear Sir, dear friends,

It has been several years since becoming a Swiss foundation of pure public utility, the Fair Future Foundation. If it's been a while now, you know we've done it, and we've faced it in our extraordinary adventure. In 10 years of existence, we can count more than 150,000 people (and counting ...) our "Fair Warung Bale" social restaurant unique worldwide, our Community Care Days program and of course our latest project; our medical centre.

☞ The foundation is now moving to new territories, far from everything

The Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation and its latest adventure, the "Sumba Photo Stories" project, today, the Fair Future Foundation is pleased to introduce you to a new partner in life and work.

☞ Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation, the little sister!

For several years now, the Foundation has grown to a "big sister". Support, help and advice that is a team or a project. But above all, and above all to give a chance to its members to see big; bigger and further.

The Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation was born. Created in 2019 by the Fair Future Foundation, it is made up of a motivated Indonesian team with innovative ideas. The latter has developed the "Sumba Photo Stories" project, which will be its first major project and which, together with the Swiss Foundation, will be the only one of its kind.

☞ Sumba, far and so poor!

Sumba is one of the most remote islands in the Indonesian archipelago. That's why we decided to develop new social and health actions. Sumba is also a member of the team, Annisa, Novi and Vifick who have worked in social efforts for many years. They know the area very well and understand the difficulties that the local population faces daily. It is so logically and naturally that this project is built around this island and its inhabitants.

☞ The project "Sumba Photo Stories"

It is sometimes difficult to determine the most effective solution (s) to overcome the daily difficulties of the population. As a result, the foundation initiates an original and unique socio-medical project around photography. His name: the "Sumba Photo Stories" project.

☞ Kawan Sehat - Kawan Pintar

As part of this project, we will teach children in the field of photography. Notably how to use a camera, capture images with the right angle and the right composition, then create stories from their photos and their interpretation of the world around them.

Another approach to defining needs. Today, let them tell you what they really need!

This action has several aims, but one of the most important is that of collecting data creatively, involving children in highlighting their daily problems, through their perspective and vision. The images will capture the real issues in their environment, their lives, their health, which will be interpreted through the exact point of view of the children.

☞ The project will take place in three phases

  • Training, teaching, four months actions, by the kids;
  • Workshops, exhibitions, evaluations;
  • Action plans for the future Kawan Sehat (healthy friends) and Kawan Pintar (smart friends).

The development of these actions which relates to the health, that of the women, of the young girls (forced marriages, pregnant), that of the children. But also on education, healthy life, improvement or creation of infrastructure (sanitary conditions, water drinking, electricity, classroom, school ...). But even one improves the quality of education to access knowledge, health, a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating.

☞ We let you discover these three phases in the brochure that you can download in.PDF via these links below

  • V/o Français en HAUTE résolution (HD) - Download / V/o Français en BASSE résolution (LR) - Download
  • V/o English in HIGH resolution (HD) - Download / V/o English in LOW resolution (LR) - Download

You will also find in this brochure, the budget for logistics, implementation, training of children and photo exhibitions that will result.

As a first step, the Fair Future Foundation has already funded 90% of the project. But we need you to move forward and plan for the long term. The goal of this project is to initiate a whole series of actions related to the health of women and children, education. Your help is essential if we want to be able to move forward and achieve them.

The team is there, and the ideas are there, the motivation is there! It is thanks to you that the Fair Future Foundation has been able to move forward all these years, and it is thanks to you that it will continue to progress for years to come.

On behalf of the Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundation, thank you for your support!

☞ Help for this project and Support Kawan Baik Indonesia

To help us click here:
Online donation: Take action here
Mention: Sumba Photo Stories and/or #sumbaphotostories

The good friends, who are Ayu Setya Wardhani, Ari, Debora Gunawan, Gogon Journey, Annisa Yuniar, Syafiudin Vifick, Yehosafat Bezaleel Chriswindarta, Gentur, Elisa Wettstein, Carmen Vouilloz, Chloe Capelli, Maxime Capelli and Alex Wettstein send you their best regards and all their thanks for your kindness.

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