Tribute to Monsieur Daniel Vouilloz

With a deep and immense sadness we announce the death of Mr. Daniel Vouilloz in his 65th

21 August 2019

Tribute to Daniel - 21.08.2019

Posted by : alex-wettstein

Dear friends,

It is with deep and immense sadness that the Foundation, its Board of Trustees (Chloé, Carmen his wife and companion, Maxime, myself Alex and my wife Ayu, his friends here in Indonesia), announce the death as unexpected of Mr. Daniel VOUILLOZ, dated August 15, 2019 in his garden, among the singing birds and flowers of the summer.

Daniel is a member of the Foundation Board of the Fair Future Foundation, Swiss Foundation for a Fair Future, for more than nine years. He but above all, a dear friend, with whom we shared unforgettable moments.

Personally, Daniel is the one with whom I spent moments of friendship "out of time" as part of the work in Switzerland at the Cherpillod Foundation and outside... Each of the moments spent together were more surprising to one another.

In 2010, Daniel proposed to help our foundation. He did it to his measure, that is to say with many applications, abnegations, seriousness and sincere will to want to change "a little bit this world".

Daniel is a person who makes me die laughing for lots of reasons. We knew how to work in extremely complicated situations. In the emergency, in the stress but one thing made us have fun to go to work, was that we knew we would see each other again and laugh at the complicated stuff we had to fix and improve together — He and me.

I have never met a person serious as Daniel, and paradoxically, he makes me laugh so much, and he will do it for a long time. A quirky sense of humour, an application in the text and words, a passion for numbers and accounting also a commitment of all times in his professional and leisure activities.

His commitment for young people, for foreigners and their integration in the region of Broye Vaudoise, for his apprentices who thanks to him have been able to reach high professional positions. And an open mind out of the ordinary, with a sense tolerance and rare understanding, make it a being that I describe as an exceptional human being.

Lover of "good food", big cigars and good wine bottles, Daniel likes to organise large meals in his house in Lucens, with his wife Carmen, friends from Spain, Portugal, Kosovo and everywhere else are there and all bring a dish from home, a bottle from there. It's noisy, it's alive, it's happy, and we laugh. We're happy together, just beautiful.

The table is still too small, my faith and the hours spent around it, incalculable! It's his way of telling them how important friendship is and that his friends are people he loves and who he loves more than anything in the world. With five computers, five mobile phones and the latest gadget, Daniel is a real geek. He spends hours hacking, comparing, initialise, download stuff as useless as improbable! I never know which number to call him. I think he has 3 or 4, and maybe I'll try to call him from time to time!

As for me Alex, I lose a father, a brother, a friend to the senses of the true friendship, of that which sometimes makes cry when we miss each other. But Daniel stays alive in everything I've done since he left and he'll help me. I know it for a long time. I love him deeply, and I miss him already.

Talking about him in the past is inconceivable because I know he is here and he asks me to re-read what I write "because I make spelling mistakes" and he does not like that. Besides, it annoys me! I want to tell you if you read this text, Daniel!

That's all I wanted to say about Daniel; the rest is inside my heart and is one of my best memories. He knows it, and we had unforgettable, robust, intense and funny moments.

Thank you, man, you taught me so much in all kinds of things. The importance of a family, the love of a friend and that there will always be solutions to any problem. Suddenly, I look forward to showing you tomorrow what we will succeed together. Still together, huh?

We love each other, I know it, I feel it. Take care of yourself where you will go for a walk!

Indonesia, 21.08.2019 - Alex Wettstein

Tribute to Daniel by Alex, in French

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