The Capung Sakti Villas by the Fair Future Foundation

Helpful, breathtaking, relaxing & so fair by the Fair Future Foundation – “One can make a difference; together we create change"

With us, give another sense to your stay!

The Foundation Villa was founded in 2011 by the Foundation (FFF). They offer to welcome you to spend your holidays and have a good time with us all, in a unique setting in the world. The foundation it, offers free medical care to the population, and this is where you are indirectly involved! (Or directly if you want to participate with us in some therapeutic activities).

The experience and excellence that you may have probably met at the Fair Warung Balé, you will find in the villas of the foundation. In Capung Sakti, people meet and share moments of their lives. This atmosphere that we offer you, you will, without any doubt, spend intense moments, in a private setting where your privacy will be deeply respected. Whether you rent all or part of the rental as the Lumbung, the Brahma or Ganesha Villa, you will be surrounded by great people, along with the angels of the foundation.

Give another meaning to your stay, and with us, be a part of the change with us at the Fair Future Foundation Villas!

Experience a unique atmosphere and a unique concept worldwide as the famous Fair Warung Balé is. Remove yourself from the crowd, take time and relax. Feel the gentle touch of the Gods Island. You are welcome to Capung Sakti Villas by the Fair Future Foundation!

Choose one or the other, or whole foundation villas, if you are a big group or a big family. Or choose the Lumbung, the Brahma or Ganesha Villa and have a dream holiday with all of us, while helping those who need medical care! Magic.

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