The Fair Warung Bale, unique in the world

The Fair Warung Balé is 1 meal = 2 Free Medical Treatments! What a unique concept worldwide!

What is the Fair Warung Balé? Just a real exception worldwide!

Based on the principle of self-sufficiency, the Fair Warung Balé (FWB) social restaurant prides itself in giving back 100% of its profits to the foundation and its Free Health & Medical Care programs. Even further than a project funding power-engine, it provides a social structure to help young adults between 15 and 22 years old, to learn a job.

The FWB is the only “restaurant” worldwide, that supports & funds massives public healthcare programs. Its concept is as simple as giving a smile to anyone! Just enjoy a delicious meal prepared with fresh products & made with love, & you will become a real active participant in any of our projects. Book here.

Just eat and drink to save lives. Know that only one meal = 2 free medical treatments... We all have a lot to learn from their dedication, their soul, their big heart and willingness to want to change things!

Human destiny can lead us to another!

Coming from different walks of life, dealing with many social, economic or medical difficulties, the FWB Angels armed with their smile and big heart, embrace daily this challenge: "-Making a huge impact on both their personal and professional life". But also on the well being of their fellow countrymen.

Thanks to their incredible work and their commitment at all times, thanks to all of you who are coming here to have a dinner, a lunch or just for a beer or a juice, we can care so many people! You all give hope to dozen’s of thousands of needy people, those who are very very poor & are sick. See some pictures here in this gallery.

And also: The "cherry on the top", the food is delicious and the atmosphere so friendly and full of joy that you will surely say: "-Yes, this place is a must."

Thank you very much for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

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