What the foundation brings concretely in Indonesia, in favor of its population

Access to health care and medical care should not be just a matter of chance, but a right to which everyone should be equal.

Each year, the figures listed below increase significantly...

The foundation has been treating more than 38,000 patients a year for free for almost seven years now, as part of our free and open medical facilities, which now a number of four: A hospital, a clinic, a home care service (mobile clinics), a community-based care service.

Since the Foundation keeps medical and social statistics, we note that the numbers are increasing every year. From a few thousand to tens of thousands of patients now! All these data are in all cases submitted to the local health authorities for statistical purposes and especially to witness what happens. This confidential information concerns the types of patients we receive, diseases, social origins, ages, treatments administered, examinations carried out by our medical teams.

We are working on the development of sustainable actions, aimed at the concept of self-sufficiency.

Locally, the foundation finds most of its resources in workshops with disadvantaged social and/or medical youth who have an activity to generate profits, the 100% of which is used in the Foundation's medical activities. Resources also come from donations collected in our workshops, online donations, offline donations, medical equipment/time donated by volunteers from all geographic and professional backgrounds.

Thank you very much to all of you for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

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