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Participants in the primary medical care program are 95% women and teachers. Since the beginning of this year, they have been treating, giving first aid and transmitting knowledge in their very isolated villages. Thanks to the expertise and equipment acquired during the courses last December, they ensure the medical care of injured or sick children and lives are saved!

The magic of this "Primary Medica Care" program? It's just that it's unique in the world, and it works. The first promotion of about sixty teachers who have followed the training in primary medical care in rural areas tells us about their "exploits" and their work as first aiders. They gain self-confidence, that's the most important thing, and we note it. Medical care is provided to the children of sick or injured adults. Lives are saved.

The images @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia present in this article show you some of the teachers' daily medical situations. The participants in this innovative program, “Primary medical care in rural areas”, which consists of empowering people, are all teachers who teach in schools isolated from everything (schools in the outermost regions).

These photos are taken from the mobile phones of the first aid teachers and uploaded to the "Kawan Sehat - Healthy Friend" group via WhatsApp (yes, WhatsApp can sometimes be beneficial).

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This "Picture of the day" shows you the type of sanitary facilities we build. Having given access to clean water to these hundreds of families in the village of Mbinudita - Eaast Sumba- also provides the possibility of having healthy toilets and showers. And it was unimaginable a few months ago for these families living in ultra-rural areas.

@fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia have built more than twenty healthy sanitary facilities, many of which look like the one in this picture. Clean and hygienic, with water to rinse them off after use, showers to wash up, and safety tanks to collect wastewater. And now families have a healthier life. People are less sick, children suffer less from diarrhoea, and infant mortality is decreasing and will continue to decline.

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The Water Connections program is bringing clean water directly to homes in this East Sumba village for the first time.

A moment of pure magic, tears and laughter of joy for these families, with whom @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia have been working for over twenty months now, In East Sumba.

This "Picture of the Day" shows you one of those moments when our teams entered one of the local mud and bamboo houses with an HDPE pipe from which flowed fresh and healthy water to fill anything that could be filled. Or, for the first time in this village in East Sumba, having running water at home.

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In this "Picture of the Day", taken at the end of last December, the @fairfuturefoundation and the @kawanbaikindonesia foundation teams are busily unrolling a 250m roll of HDPE pipe. 

The children of the village of Mbinudita gather at the pipes to drink fresh, clean and healthy water which flows there. This is the first time in their lives that they drink the water of this quality from a pipe.

More than ten kilometres of HDEP pipes have been pulled, buried, connected and powered to provide access to drinking water to more than 2700 people here in #Mbinudita.

Note: See more "Picture of the Day" on the foundation's website by clicking on the profile

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A summary of the second day of the Sumba Rural Village School Teacher Training at @charis_sumba School in Waingapu. @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia hosted over sixty teachers from the most disadvantaged and poorest areas of East Sumba.

Why is this program for access to primary medical care for children implemented?

Residents of rural villages do not have access to primary care, and most medical centres are often several hours' walk away. The harshness of life here means that all are often injured, but nothing is available to heal - no doctor, knowledge, medical equipment and, of course, no antiseptic or medicine.

These injuries can lead to the death of a child or an adult if they get worse. We must therefore act quickly. Fair Future has for years enabled schools and families in ultra-rural communities to take action in the event of an accident.

Practical evaluations will follow these intensive training days in the field. Concretely, our teams want to know how the beneficiaries of this program will have treated emergency medical cases for one or more children, as well as the results obtained in terms of rapid healing and no aggravation in the event of injury or diseases.

We have also created a communication group that allows teachers in these villages to contact us anytime, 24 hours a day.

This tool was implemented a few weeks ago and is already working. It is about sharing a situation to receive medical advice from our teams and safely treat an injury or illness.

Today, we are taking a new step in this program.

See you soon and one more time, we wish you all an Happy New Year 2023, filled with love.

@alexwettstein - CEO, Founder of the Swiss @fairfuturefoundation
For nearly a year, grasshoppers have been destroying everything in their path in East Sumba, starving the populations of these ultra-rural villages.

This morning from the base camp of Rumah Kambera in Lambanapu, farmers are fighting with ridiculous means to fight against these incessant invasions of grasshoppers.

The impact on families' food stocks is enormous since most corn crops are destroyed, but the leaves of other vegetable crops are also affected. For example, tomatoes, coconut trees, bamboo etc...

We are @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia aware of this problem, which does not seem to stop and is without any solution other than the use of pesticides in mass and everywhere.

The local government is also totally helpless and does not seem able to find or propose a solution that is effective and not dangerous for the population's health.
Clean and healthy water arrives for the first time in the history of this village, Kokur, Mbinudita, Sumba Timur. Now, it only takes 30 seconds to fill a jerrycan with clean water, whereas before it took all day to fetch a few liters of water - often dirty - and come back without being sure of having managed to get some. to have.

It's magical to see the pleasure of the villagers, to see them drinking clean water until they are no longer thirsty. What an outstanding job from the @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia teams during these last 18 months.

The health of these people will greatly improve, and this quickly. Women will have more time for themselves, children will be able to go to school instead of fetching water so far away.
In mid-December, the first two days of training for teachers from ultra-rural areas in eastern Indonesia took place at Charis School in Waingapu. @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia hosted over sixty teachers from the most disadvantaged and impoverished regions of East Sumba to learn how to give first aid, or primary medical care, to a sick or injured child.

The objective of these courses, initiated by our two charitable foundations, is to give teachers in rural areas the possibility of caring for the injured or the sick - in particular children - directly in their place of residence.

Here people do not have access to primary medical care, medical centres are too far away, and when they manage to get there, medical equipment or drugs are "out of stock".

It is, therefore, indispensable to give the tools to the most competent people in the village - the teachers -, so that he or she can treat an injury or an illness before it becomes fatal. Sadly, cases where a minor injury worsens due to lack of immediate medical attention (too often leading to complications or even death) are too common in the areas we find ourselves in right now, Christmas Day 2022.

Here is a short film that shows you the first day of training for 60 teachers who came from the outermost regions of eastern Indonesia.

More information available on the Fair Future Foundation website.

Thank you very much, Kawan.
The Truck of Life #truckoflife goes where the others won't. Iz brings medicine, construction equipment, pumps, solar panels, kilometers of pipes. It also brings hope, it helps to eat better, to drink healthier.  It is an essential element of the activities that we carry out in the field, in favor of "better living" for all.

Without the Truck of Life, things would be much more complicated, because access to the heart of the villages, where no road leads, would be impossible.ipes, but also sometimes the Foundation's teams in the field.

The projects we carry out need to be evaluated, people need to be heard, understood and the notion of needs clearly defined.  The truck for life allows us to go almost everywhere, so that we can share these moments with the communities of these ultra-rural villages in eastern Indonesia.

Once again we wish you a very happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas with all those you love.  Take care all of you.

@alexwettstein, Founder of the @fairfuturefoundation, Rumah Kambera base camp, the 24 December 2022.
At the #waterconnexions site here in East Sumba, people, children are running to fill up anything that can be used to hold clean water. There is a lot of emotion laughter sometimes even tears when people suddenly access a source of clean water.

After more than 18 months working on the construction sites, in sometimes extremely difficult conditions, this is a very important step that we have just taken all together with all the villagers, the @fairfuturefoundation, the @kawanbaikindonesia foundations and all of you.

Bringing clean water in quantity but also in quality to 2,500 people - the majority of whom are children - who had never had access to it before, is something immensely important.

The work continues but for the moment it's Christmas, the teams are all on a well-deserved rest. And the Christian families populating these ultra-rural villages are all preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus this evening at the church. 

We wish you all happy holidays and for this evening a very beautiful moment at the foot of the Christmas tree, (if you have one) with all those you love.

@alexwettstein, founder of the @fairfuturefoundation. Rumah Kambera base camp, Sumba Timur NTT, Indonesia.
Here, over the past few days, @kawanbaikindonesia and @fairfuturefoundation have stabilized the water connections (#waterconnections), at the Mbinudita site, Sumba Timur.

We test the tanks and fill them completely (between 3500 and 8000litres) and bring water into the houses through HDPE pipes.  The inhabitants - mainly women - come running from everywhere with hundreds of jerrycans. When the main supply pipe enters the kitchen, it gives running water in the house! 

Now it only takes 30 seconds to fill a five-litre jerrycan with clean water, whereas before it sometimes took all day to fetch a few liters of water -often dirty-, and return without being sure of  managed to recover it.

This water will also be used to supply the new healthy sanitary installations which are now present almost everywhere.

The people of the village have never seen this before, and it's real magic somewhere for them, as it is for us.

More information on the Fair Future Foundation or Kawan Baik Indonesia websites.
Kawan Sehat means "healthy friend".

This little book is one of two original publications that @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia will use for the Rural Children's Access to Primary Medical Care program.

It's a clear and simple title, but it says it all. This book is about fifteen pages. Our friend Bayu illustrated these boards so that children immediately understood their meaning.

Each board presents Rambu (the woman), Umbu (the man) and a Horse (which is the symbol of the local culture) around socio-sanitary themes. Throughout the pages, they will share with the children moments of their daily life around hygiene, eating healthier, drinking more and better, brushing their teeth, washing their ears, protecting themselves from lice, not showering and washing the body with laundry, how to treat a snake or dog bite, a cut, a burn, etc. before it becomes infected and becomes fatal.

The horse is the most important animal in East Sumba culture, and this book is charged with providing an excellent example of what to do and what not to do to keep healthy and not get sick.

The foundation's medical teams, familiar with local customs and traditions, have treated about twenty public health subjects so that everyone recovers and acquires the essential practical knowledge to treat themselves effectively in critical moments. And even to save the life of a loved one.

This book is an integral part of the program of access to primary medical care for children in ultra-rural areas, for which we are in tons of boxes at the moment, even if we want to have much more.

PS: The image here is the cover of the book. Indeed, we can't and we don't want to publish everything. We're saving the premiere and exclusivity for teachers, kids, and our teams who haven't all seen it yet.

Thank you so much - @alexwettstein - Rumah Baik, the 29.11.2022
Pak Pandeta Petrus Ndakularak, a friend of us is helping the community around is church in Nggaha Ori Angu, desa Tana Tuku, East Sumba.

Their is about 100 people there who don't have access to water, I mean without having to walk hours. So, Petrus and three of his friends started to digg a well manually, but it's take so long and it's so hard as you can see on this short movie. 

After three weeks only a few meters have been dug and of course no water yet.  It may take months to get water, certainly not very clean, but it's better than no water at all.  Maybe we will have water, with God's help, as Petrus told me yesterday.

This is what people are doing here where @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia are working to help people to get access to clean water. It's an outstanding job, dangerous also as after 22 meters deep, it's almost not possible to breath anymore.

Want to help them? It's easy kawan, go the the @fairfuturefoundation website, read, learn and finally, help us to help them.
Yesterday 15.09.2022, Kawan, we crossed the barrier of 8 eight billion inhabitants on earth. This is a real challenge for poor and developing countries; we can see it daily.

Today, 50% of the world's population has enough to eat. Malnutrition, undernutrition, and even obesity linked to junk food are fundamental problems of the 21st century that we gladly forget to the detriment of our well-being. The issue of agricultural production in terms of quantity, quality and price directly affects our health, and that of our loved ones, already today.

What about the regions in which @fairfuturefoundation and @kawanbaikindonesia are active daily? What about all of them there? What are they eating today? They already suffer from a child malnutrition rate which is the highest in this country (4th world population, it should be remembered).

And tomorrow, what will happen again for all those who become poorer and poorer year after year? It's terrifying...

We must think and act together to try to reverse the course of events. This is not a fight; it is a human duty. I think and act/work this way because I am one of those eight billion people.

The November 16, 2022 - @alexwettstein for the @fairfuturefoundation