Donnons la parole à ceux qui veulent la prendre! Parler de tout, recevoir des invités qui ont un projet, une cause à défendre, trouver une solution à un problème, parce que… Il n’y a pas de problème, juste des solutions!

Pas de problème TV | Certains de vos films

Les films de la chaîne Youtube de la Fondation comprennent des émissions produites via No Problem TV.

Depuis janvier 2020, celles-ci sont réalisées dans l’atelier de la fondation situé au camp de base de Denpasar.

Flooding in Sumba NTT - Call for donation

Fair Future Foundation lundi avril 5th

Good evening everyone,

This is what we are facing right now in Sumba. Monstrous and murderous flood. From our base camp, we are located in the heart of these floods and we will use, in collaboration with the local authorities, our Base Camp located in Kambera, as an advanced first-aid post.

We call for donations in order to provide people who have nothing left, just the essentials in terms of food, basic necessities, blankets, to help pregnant women, children and the most vulnerable people.

People have had to leave their homes in order to take refuge where they can.

Thank you from the heart.


If you're in Indonesia, you can donate to our bank account
Rek: 1224093140
Bank: Permata Bank

Sumba Photo Stories - News from the East - Kabar dari Timur

Fair Future Foundation lundi janvier 11th

This exhibit is a glimpse of life in the east, of life in rural areas of Sumba Timur. A representation of families' daily lives in remote regions, captured through young students' eyes, aged 9 to 12.

They open their houses to us, share their regular meals with us, invite us to follow them on the way to school, see their island and hills from morning until night. They capture those moments that punctuate their lives and explain them to us. Creating a story from these images is also an essential part of this exhibition and the curation process. Not only do they open their doors, but they also want to explain and tell us stories to guide the visual, in their own words. It's now up to us to listen.

From the remote region of Kahaungu Eti sub-district, in the eastern part of East Sumba district, Nusa Tanggara Timur, their villages are named Kamanggih and Matawai Katingga. Forty-eight children are the authors and artists of this exhibition called "Kabar Dari Timur" which translates to "News from the East". Through these photographs, audiences in Indonesia and worldwide can imagine and immerse themselves in a child's daily life in these regions.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, cancellation of socio-cultural events and halt of learning and teaching activities in Indonesia, the exhibition had to be adjusted. Hence, it was adapted online, making accessible to a larger audience through smartphones, tablets or computers.
It is hoped that this medium will make it possible to re-transpose the message of this series of photographs and stories as near as possible to reality. 

Sumba Photo Stories is a program initiated by Kawan Baik Indonesia and Fair Future Foundations. Collect factual information from the actors' subjective perspective, in this case, the 48 students, using the medium of photography and creating stories from it.

In their environment and through this social, cultural and educational program, the actors offer real perspectives of their life's quality, based on their authentic insight. The "Kabar dari Timur" exhibition has children as protagonists. Still, this program adapts to diverse target populations: women as its leads, a particular field of work or any other community or theme. 

These programs' main objectives are learning new skills, such as photography and storytelling, writing improvement for both children and adults, and boost confidence whether to speak or to present the work done to an audience.

The resulting work, the photographies, are work of art in their own. They are also a factual basis analyzed for research work in the socio-cultural, educational or health fields.

This exhibition will be held until March 2020, via the website https://sumbaphotostories.com

Together for a better life, with Fair Future and Kawan Baik foundation's and all of you!

Fair Future Foundation vendredi décembre 18th

Let's identify the problems and find good solutions.

We are always trying as Fair Future, with Kawan Baik Indonesia, to bring sustainable solutions to communities living in rural areas, improving their lives with good solutions related to access to basic medical care, health, education, drinking water and renewable energy sources

To do this, we use local resources for the villagers and local skills above all. We do not want to put in place solutions that they do not understand, that will produce waste or even things that are not good for their health and their cultures.

In this sense, the foundation wishes to find ways to use local resources as much as possible, to share our ideas in order to find new possibilities, those that will innovate the most, and may also be able to change the lives of those who will work with us here.

In this sense, we invite you all to collaborate with us here, whether you are from Sumba, or from anywhere else in Indonesia ... And all of you from around the world who would like to bring your know-how, to share solutions aimed at improving the conditions. of life of people here ... Simply learning to collaborate together for a better life.

Read more information about our work here:

Rebuild School building, Rebuild Community, #RebuildMbinudita

Fair Future Foundation mardi décembre 8th

At the end of 2019, strong winds knocked down the parallel classroom building of the Mbinudita school, the building flattened to the ground, books and all classrooms were wet. "Where will you go to school later?", Said the children of Mbinudita sadly seeing the collapsed school picking up the rest of the books.

Kawan Baik Indonesia is fully supported by Fair Future Indonesia, accompanied by the support of various partners from Archimetriz Bali, KP2S, Charis Sumba Foundation, working hand in hand to rebuild the school building. Parents of students, local residents, teachers, children also participate in the school construction process. Day, night, heat or rain did not dampen the enthusiasm in completing the school building process.

Now schools are back on their feet, Build Schools, Build Villages, Build the Future, Build Mbinudita.


#BangunMbinudita #ReconstruireMbinudita #RebuildMbinuDita #GiveWaterForLife #RumahKambera #FirstAidKit #KawanBaikIndonesia #FairFutureFoundation #SwissNGO #ActionforFairFuture #SumbaTimur #EastSumba #Switzerland #Indonesia #Innovation #MakeaDonation #ForNonProfits

A week with us in rural East Sumba. Welcome here!

Fair Future Foundation vendredi décembre 4th

Life in these rural and ultra-peripheral regions is difficult!

We present to you a small summary of our activities during the last two weeks in Sumba East. In the most rural areas of Indonesia to meet the people who are our daily life. Families, children, simple people around the foundation's projects. Unique and true smiles.


#BangunMbinudita #ReconstruireMbinudita #RebuildMbinuDita #GiveWaterForLife #RumahKambera #FirstAidKit #KawanBaikIndonesia #FairFutureFoundation #SwissNGO #ActionforFairFuture #SumbaTimur #EastSumba #Switzerland #Indonesia #Innovation #MakeaDonation #ForNonProfits


Fair Future Foundation vendredi octobre 30th

In the most inaccessible territories, live thousands of people who do not have access to the most basic needs in order to ensure them a healthier life, or basic medical care, access to drinking water so as not to be ill, or a source of light in order to read or study for children.

This will also and above all allow us to provide medical care and take the children or even a doctor or a dentist in the nearest town which is more than hours away from where the foundation is active.

A vehicle will allow the foundation to be able to get there by bringing equipment and this in safety for our volunteers and specialized collaborators.

The Mbinudita teachers tell us about the situation of the children and theirs!

Fair Future Foundation lundi septembre 14th

Hello Wan's,

Two of the three teachers of MbinuDita, speaks about of the situation of the children, but also of theirs. They no longer receive a salary because of the COVID-19 pandemic and of course, they are doing everything they can to provide and maintain a semblance of education for the kids of MbinuDita. Very touching!

You can support them in this project here dear all: https://actionforfairfuture.org/new-school/

Thank you very much for your concrete help and your love, to offer to these kids and their teachers a new school.

#RebuildMbinuDita #BangunMbinuDita #ReconstruireMbinuDita #KawanSumba #KawanBaikIndonesia #FairFutureFoundation #FairFutureIndonesia

We have started the construction of MbinuDita school in Sumba East

Fair Future Foundation lundi septembre 14th

Hey Wan's

This is what we are doing altogether in East Sumba every day.

The first trucks will arrive at the Mbinu Dita site in mid-September after a journey of nearly 2,000 kilometres by road and boat. It's a hell of a trip and the transportation costs for us are important.

We could have done without it, but unfortunately, we couldn't find what we needed to rebuild a school that will stand up to the weather and harsh weather of Sumba Island.

It is also always astonishing to think that it is in the poorest regions that the materials are the most expensive! Part of the reason is that Sumba is far from everything.

You can support us in this project here dear all: https://actionforfairfuture.org/new-school/

Thank you very much for your concrete help and your love, to offer to these kids and their teachers a new school.

#RebuildMbinuDita #BangunMbinuDita #ReconstruireMbinuDita #KawanSumba #KawanBaikIndonesia #FairFutureFoundation #FairFutureIndonesia

Charity and Art | Singing is better than doing politics! Lyta, Bam and Palel form Soul Food band.

Fair Future Foundation dimanche septembre 6th

Charity organisation and Art | Singing is better than doing politics!

The No Problem TV Live of August 26, 2020, in a few films

Part #1 | 03.09.2020 - Soul Food composed by Lyta, Bam and Palel is signing for us! - (follow them on FB: https://www.facebook.com/Soul-Food-Music-398441914107852/)

Art is a vector of communication and social bond. It is possible through art to reach all kinds of audiences. Most of the time art comes to the public as much as the public comes to art. This connection is sometimes lacking in the humanitarian world, which is constantly looking for ways to reinvent itself to impact a larger audience and share ideas on a cause. Art in all these forms is also a good way to mobilize people from all walks of life, even those whose sensitivity is not drawn towards humanitarianism, it is the universal language par excellence. You don't think so?

Who better than the artists to talk about it and this day, Lyta, Bam and Palel sang for us

See you next week on No Problem TV Wan's!

No Problem TV Is live on: