The Fair Future Foundation Board in Switzerland

They are five people of Swiss nationality, all volunteers and with a huge passion for humanitarian aid

The board of the Foundation, five beautiful people, generous, with a big heart!

The Swiss State Approved Fair Future Foundation, is recognized as Pure Public Utility and Tax Exempted. Its Board of Trustees is composed of five volunteers members, not salaried.

The Fair Future Foundation has an altruistic activity, achieving a work that enters the field of public authority or the encouragement which the community has a vital interest.

Carmen, Chloe, Daniel, Maxim and Alex are 100% volunteers. They give their time in a human project, dedicated to humanity.

Such activity requires disinterested motives, sacrifices made in favor of others and the renunciation of personal benefits to achieve purposes beyond our own interests.

Thank you very much to all of you for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

Our Foundation board

  • M. Alex Wettstein

    CEO, Founder, President

    Alex, Founder, CEO of the Foundation. Medical staff member & Volunteer.

  • Ms. Carmen Vouilloz

    Foundation Vice President

    Mrs. Vouilloz is Vice President of the Fair Future Foundation since 2012

  • M. Daniel Vouilloz

    Secretary, accountant

    M. Vouilloz is the accountant of the Fair Future Foundation since 2012

  • Ms. Chloé Capelli

    Foundation Board member

    Ms. Dubrit is a board member of the Fair Future Foundation since 2012

  • M. Maxime Capelli

    Foundation Board Member

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