Act now for Free Health Care | 5$ = 1 full medical treatment, including medicines

In Indonesia, 9.5 million children under five are malnourished & have no access to basic medical care

We need you to give free healthcare for over 35,000 people per year!

Thanks to all of you, since 2008 we can save lives, treat tens of thousands of patients every year, build an hospital & fund its medical equipment almost completely. We can organise hundreds of home care outings as well as about 30 majors Free Public Health & Medical care day per year, sometimes benefiting over 500 people a day.

Your donation will help us to give free health & medical care to over 35,000 patients per year, in the framework of free health & medical care program, home care, community events. The foundation established that a single medical consultation, including a medical prescription & a simple medical treatment, cost us around U$ 5.-

All together, let's give them a chance to access free medical care!

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