Foundation films, our documentaries

For testimonial purposes, the FFF produces its own medico-social movies, made by two of the Foundation's young people

All these films were directed and produced by the foundation youth!

The Fair Future Foundation (FFF) produces its own films, with our own means for our internal statistical data, so that we can remember each of them, and each of you, we store tens of thousands pictures and hundreds of hours of films. These achievements are the result of the work of two of our young staff who learn how to become a real "film director". Some of their dream come true!

The FFF has implemented this educational program to enable them to do what they love most, with high quality audio / video equipment. The FFF has produced many films, as well as tens of thousands of photos, which summarize our fieldwork. This fieldwork that helps every year tens of thousands of poor, sick, disabled and disadvantaged people, regardless of race, religion, origin, age, color, to receive medical support... 

Sometimes, we look at these movies to remember that some people have really suffered, and that today thanks to all of us and to all of you, they are much better.

Other films produced by the FFF, will be presented shortly, we have so much!

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