Official representation of the Foundation in Indonesia

The legalisation process of the Swiss Foundation in Indonesia started in July 2019 - The opening of its official representation or branch in Indonesia

Why do we want to create the Fair Future Foundation in Indonesia?

Dear friends, Dear families,

For nearly ten years now, the Fair Future Foundation (FFF) has worked with other local organisations / foundations to make its social and health actions possible on the field, but also and above all to make them legal under Indonesian laws.

For ten years now, the FFF has never been able to work on medical actions in its own name. For ten years now, we have collaborated with one or more local organisations, but the local resources available are limited and it is often very difficult to plan for the future. And as I would say later, the FFF has grown!

And that must absolutely change now!

Actions, benefits, and adapted solution

Being able to adapt sometimes, requires reacting with adapted solutions and opening up new horizons. The FFF must therefore equip itself with some new tools corresponding to its new projects if we want to succeed them. Because we have grown, because we have reached a stage of maturity and today we have other ideas that meet other needs.

These new ideas are all future actions of significant magnitude that will undoubtedly require other techniques of implementation, other knowledge and above all, to be able to benefit from resources that are not found here. The famous "Made in Switzerland" is not a legend and today we want to import these new techniques, new knowledge and new resources.

The fact of having an official Swiss representation on Indonesian territory will allow us in the near future, to collaborate on behalf of the FFF with other partners, but also and above all, to set up our own solutions, to attract new resources, customers and or partners.

The additional benefits are also a much better management of financial resources and controlling requested by the Swiss authorities. To be able to have a more international help too, because the bigest foreign agencies collaborate more willingly with an official Swiss organization or a country in which the management and controlling are carried out much more rigorously than elsewhere.

Another advantage is to be able to benefit from a country where the technical, medical and scientific possibilities are represented in force (thanks to research, universities, institute of sustainable development etc...). Switzerland is one of those countries where these new horizons can become new fields of activity thanks to these possibilities; we are convinced of it.

The timetable

From then on, we started the process with the Indonesian authorities so that the Swiss Foundation "Fair Future Foundation" can legally obtain its official representation in the Indonesian territory. At first, we commissioned a Notary and Jurist, specialists in International Law in Jakarta, to make a first feasibility study. We are therefore moving forward in these preliminary studies and have already been able to work on a specific timetable for implementation.

This is obviously not an easy thing to achieve because functional disparities are real between our two countries. But the outstanding points will be without doubt, accomplished in order to achieve this goal: The Fair Future Foundation Indonesia.

We thank you for your interest, kindness and trust.

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