Our Partners & donors – People who help us save lives

Our patients, staff, and partners are critical in achieving our vision, where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life

As requested by the Swiss Confederation (the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs), here is a list of all our donors. The Fair Future Foundation (FFF) is recognized Pure Public Utility, Tax Exempted & State Approved by the Canton of Vaud and the Swiss Confederation.

Some of our partners from all around the world...

All the GUESTS form the Fair Warung Balé and the Capung Sakti Villas by the Fair Future Foundation, all anonymous donors, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Infomaniak SA Switzerland, toko 06 and his director, M. Willy AICHBERGER from Austria, Association Nicaninos, LONGBOW Finance SA, CANDRIAM Investors Group, OMNILINGUA Inc. USA, the University of California, IRVINE & all its students, GreenTomatoMedia Limited, CHUV Lausanne, ISCOM - Lyon, HUG Geneva, Swiss MED BANK, PURE POTENTIAL Personal Fitness Training Inc., the Geneva UNIVERSITY, WEINMANN Geräte für Medizin GmbH + Co, Pompiers de l'URGENCE INTERNATIONALE, HENKEL & Cie, Olivier WYSSMULLER Architect, The RW Foundation in Switzerland, The CHUV in Lausanne, the HUG in Geneva, Helvetica Partners Sàrl, FLAMBOYANTS CONSULTING Limited Nassau, Bahamas, KissKissBangBang SA, UBS SWITZERLAND - Helene CAZIER, the Province of BALI, The SOCIAL & HEALTH Services of BALI, Airbnb, Union de Banque Suisse UBS, the Credit Suisse, Syncbnb, and so many others...

Thank you very much to all of you for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organization.

Those who help us

The Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft offers its products to the Fair Future Foundation, as part of its NGO program.

Infomaniak Network SA Switzerland

Website hosted by the eco-friendly host Infomaniak SA. Thank you so much

City of Echandens in Switzerland

A quiet little village near Morges, which helped us for the hospital

Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

Rewarded as the laureate 2018 of the BCV Solidarity Fund. Such a fine reward!

City of Pully in Switzerland

A nice little town near Lausanne, which helped us for the hospital

Canton de Vaud in Switzerland

The canton of Vaud declared us of Pure Public Utility, help us also. Thank you.

University of California, Irvine

UC Irvine University supports us in educational projects and various collaboration

The Swiss Confederation

The Confederation helps us with the enforcement of laws and audits us

Syncbnb, Zero Double Booking

Syncbnb, support us. Synchronize your BnB bookings across multiple channels!

Probus System Indonesia

Probus Indonesia, they helps us with the website, it's maintenance and IT.

Candriam Investors Group

Candriam is a asset management firm, founded in 1996, in Luxembourg

Airbnb Accommodations

Operates a global online marketplace and hospitality service

Expedia Group Travel, Book Today!

They help us! Expedia Group is an American global travel company

PayPal Holdings, Incorporation

A company operating a worldwide online payments system

COMO Group Foundation

Support organisations, not projects, to help their partners grow

K2 rope - Indoor furnitures

K2 Rope Furniture helps us! Outdoor | Indoor | Colourful | Unique

Duotech chauffage et sanitaire

A technical company Suisse Romande, with a big heart like that

Association Nicaninos France

The Nicaninos Ass. organizes events to raise humanitarian funds

UBS Group AG - Swiss Bank

A Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company

Uni GE, Faculty of Medicine

The University of Geneva and its Faculty of Medicine in Switzerland

Helvetica Partners in Switzerland

Looks for the best candidates, regardless of any preconceived idea

The Capung Sakti Villas

100% of the profits generated are used to provide medical care

The Fair Warung Bale Warung

One meal sold = Two medical treatments included medical treatments offered

Roland W. Foundation - CH

A generous Swiss foundation, that greatly helped us build the new hospital!

Olivier Wyssmuller Architectes

Talented Swiss architects who also have a great humanitarian conscience

FidOffice SA - Switzerland

The official & approved auditor of the Fair Future Foundation accounting

Health Dep. - Bali Province

The health department issues the necessary authorizations to work

The Credit Swiss Suisse Bank

Credit Suisse Group AG is a Swiss multinational investment bank

The CIMB-NIAGA Bank Indonesia

CIMB NIAGA is an Malaysian Bank, who also work in Indonesia

The BCA Bank

PT Bank Central Asia, or commonly named as BCA is an Indonesian bank founded on February 21, 1957

Kawan Baik Indonesia

A socio-educational foundation created by the FFF. Education, medical care, children's rights in Sumba

Biznet Networks

Biznet Networks is a fixed-line telecommunications operator and multimedia operator in Indonesia

Rumah Sanur Creative Hub

Our Base Camp - A home away from home for artists, creatives, thinkers, innovators & social entrepreneurs.

As requested by the Swiss Confederation, and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, there is a list of all our donors. The Fair Future Foundation is of Pure Public Utility, Tax Exempted & State Approved by the Canton of Vaud and the Swiss Confederation.

Since August 2017, we’ve decided to publish the amount donated!

Laurent VON NIDERHAUSER ($100.-), Elisabeth SHREINER ($30.-), Adriano PORCARO Dora PORCARO and Bonita RALPH (IDR.500,000.-), Val RITTER ($50.-), Juliette BALLUTAUD ($50.-), Alban DELACHENAL ($300.-), Siegfried SCHATZMAYR ($35.-), Ayu WARDANI from Bali ($50), Paul WATFORD ($500), Ao Mo HELLENBRAND (10$), Julian LUSARDI ($650.-), Yvette GOHIER ($50), Nadine BROTSHI (Chf.1,200.-), Stéphane BIOLLEY (03.11.17 - 100$), Zita GOMES (23.10.17 - 100$), Costin MIHAI (05.11.17 - 100$), Alex WETTSTEIN (08.12.17 - CHF.2.500.-), Julian LUSARDI (07.11.17 - 50$), Ioana Alina NEDELCU, Daniil PETIN, Lisa SELSING, Anesti PETRIDIS, Jacob STUBLJAR, Silvana PAPPALARDO, Paul STEVENSON, André MEIER (28.11.17 - $500.-), Toni PENNANEN, Agustinus PURWON, Danielle GUILLEMIN (04.12.17 - $30.-), Rolf ZEN-RUFINEN (03.12.17 - $50.- every month), Paul MARET (04.12.17 - $50.-), Celia NUSSBAUMER (04.12.17 - $50.-), Sophie CAPDEVILLE (05.12.17 - $60.-), Pierre-Alain FISCHER (04.12.17 - $500.-), Gerard DELATOUR (05.12.17 - €30.-), Sebastian WATZLAWIK (06.12.17 - CHF.280.29.-), Juliette BALLUTAUD (07.12.17 - $20.-), Florence et Jean-Charles TASSONI (09.12.17 - $100.-), Chrisopher PRATSCH (10.12.17 - $60.-), May MAUMARY (10.12.17 - $40.-), Stéphanie GENOUD-LACOMBE (14.12.17 - $250.-), Michele LENOIR (08.12.17 - CHF. 500.-), Yolande CREVECOEUR (16.12.17 - $200.-), Luc & Marianne WEBER (28.11.17 - $100.-), Nadine BROTSHI (04.12.17 - $500.-), Josette DIDIER (11.12.17 - $100.-), M. & Mme. HOLLIGER (13.12.17 - $100.-), Sigrid SCHALCH (21.12.17 - CHF. 2,000.-), Sam VAN NEVEL (24.12.17 - $60.-), Raik RIEGER (25.12.17 - €160.-), Sarah BERNHARD (22.12.17 - €100.-), Valérie BERTHOUD (26.12.17 - $100.-), Stephane & Sylvie FORT (27.12.17 - CHF.250.-), DuoTech Sàrl et son directeur M. Didier PERRIN (29.12.17 - CHF.2,000.-), Cloé VAINEAU (02.01.18 - $100.-), Christiane BORDEAU-JARRY (10.01.18 - $100.-), Valentine & Markus SCHNEIDER (08.01.18 - CHF.58,72.-), Longbow Finance SA (11.01.18 - CHF.3,000.-), Andreas SCHALCH (15.01.18 - $500.-), Sue EVANS (15.01.18 - CHF.323.-), Ursula NOLD (15.01.18 - CHF.200.-), Adrian & Nicole BODMER-REHAN (15.01.18 - CHF.200.-), Evelyne & Daniel COLLET (16.01.18 - CHF.100.-), Longbow Finance SA (18.01.18 - CHF.3,000.-), Michel GAILLARD (17.01.18 - CHF.300.-), Katherine TAQUINO, Alexandra WALTHER, Nadia GRANGES (19.01.18 - CHF.100.-), Mark MARGOLIN (18.01.18 - CHF.150.-), Robert JARL (19.01.18 - $.180.-), Jérôme PERIER (20.01.18 - $.50.-), Marie-Christine DUTOIT (22.01.18 - Montant caché en Francs Suisses), Veronique CHAUDET BRIAUX (22.01.18 - CHF.300.-), Willi SCHEIDEGGER (22.01.18 - CHF.200.-), Heinz SCHMITT (23.01.18 - $100.-), Antje HETTERICH (23.01.18 - €100.-), Bernard & Christiane DUTOIT (30.01.18 - CHF.200.-), Julian LUSARDI (02.02.2018 - $150.-), Magali TANCHE (08.02.2018 - €150.-), Geneviève WETTSTEIN (05.03.18 - CHF.5,000.-), Stephanie JOLLIEN (2018 - $20.- every month), Anonymous donation (09.03.2018 - Chf.15,000.-), Andrew KRAUSS (In memory of Lilian Krauss - 21.03.18 - $.1,000.-), Michael ROLAND (23.03.18 - IDR.10,000,000.- or $726.-), Marina MORLOCK (05.04.18 - $.722,68.-), Emmanuelle CERRI (05.04.18 - $.62,89.-), anonymous donator (28.03.18 - CHF.150.-), Juliette BALLUTAUD (08.04.18 - $104.12.-), Urs KISTLER (23.04.18 - $104.12.-), Samantha MAGNONI (23.04.18 - $31.96.-), DuoTech Sàrl et son directeur M. Didier PERRIN (27.04.18 - CHF.2,100.-), Rory O'RORKE (27.04.18 - $150.-), Julian LUSARDI (08.05.18 - $100.-), Erica FAWER (14.05.18 - $500.-), Ully MERKEL (23.05.18 - $75.-), Tatia LEE (08.06.18 - $100.-), famille ZAUNER-KASSER (12.06.18 - CHF. 360.-), André MEIER & family (18.06.18 - CHF. 2,010.-), David JOHNSON & family (27.06.18 - $413,40.-), Veronique CHECHIN-LAURENS (January 2018 - €50.- /mois), Samantha MAGNONI (15.07.18 - CHF. 32.-), M. & Mme. HOLLIGER (20.07.18 - CHF.100.-), (Suzanne MELBER (24.07.18 - € 27,25), Fondation RW (19.09.18 - CHF.20,000.-), Yi Ming ZHAO (16.09.18 - $403,41), André MEIER (26.09.18 - CHF.497.-), Yolande CREVECOEUR (02.11.18 - CHF.200.-), Ramon WHALTER (05.10.18 - CHF.310,30), Ramon WHALTER (05.10.18 - CHF.205,43), Sarah GUEDOUARI (04.10.18 - CHF.50.-), Pavel ZBOROVSKI (04.10.18 - €.27,64.-), Moritz MORLOCK (03.10.18 - CHF.500.-), Julan LUSARDI (02.10.18 - £40,92), Zita PIRAS (02.10.18 - CHF.104.-), Julia MOREAUD (08.11.18 - €.50.-), UBS Switzerland AG (Chf.500.-), family Martin and Lucia SEISSLER (12.11.18 - €.500.-), Commune de Pully (VD) Suisse (17.12.18 - CHF.2,500.-), Daniel SIGGEN (05.12.18 - CHF.50.-), Fondation COMO Singapore (06.12.18 - CHF.986,65), Linda KEHRER (21.12.18 €28,33), Mrs. SHILD (21.12.18 €31,84), Samantha MIGNONI (17.12.18 CHF.31,96), Paul BASS (22.12.18 AUD 88.-), Birgit KEHRER (24.12.18 € 104.-), Pierre-André FISHER (28.12.18 CHF. 310,31), Jane BLACKAH (10.01.19 CHF. 516,49), Alexandre PETLICHKOV (17.05.19 €. 73,08), Samantha MAGNONI (14.05.19 CHF. 31,96), Stefaan LF. BOENDERS-WIKLER (11.06.19 CHF. 230.-), Pierre and Magaly CHANEZ (11.03.19 CHF. 50.-), Claudio Francesco PANTEGHINI (04.03.19 CHF. 200,00), Cedric Yves BRIAND (28.02.19 CHF. 200,00), Josiane MARTY DURUSSEL (27.02.19 CHF. 200,00), André MEIER-ZANETTI (11.06.19 CHF. 1'000.-), Docteur Philippe LAUTIER (03.07.19 - The amount is hidden at the request of the donor), Commune d'ECHANDENS, VD, Switzerland (19.07.19 CHF. 5'000,00), F. CLERC AEGERTER (27.08.19 CHF. 100,00), Docteur Philippe LAUTIER (05.08.19 - CHF. 100.-), Karen THOMSON (12.08.19 - GBP. 49.-), Suzanne MELBER (02.08.19 - CHF. 30.-), Alexandre WETTSTEIN (10.08.19 - CHF. 110.-), Véronique CHECHIN-LAURENS (31.07.19 - € 50.-), Suzanne MELBER (02.08.19 - CHF. 30.-), Fondation RW (30.08.19 - CHF. 40,000.-), F. CLERC-AEGERTER (27.08.19 - CHF.100.-), Véronique CHECHIN-LAURENS (31.08.19 - € 50.-), Nino LAUBLI (06.09.19 - CHF.156.-), Hoang Lan NGUYEN (05.09.19 - CHF.200.-), Karen THOMSON (13.08.19 - GBP. 49.-), Rachid KEBLI (15.08.19 - CHF. 53.-), Véronique CHECHIN-LAURENS (31.09.19 - € 50.-), Véronique CHECHIN-LAURENS (31.10.19 - € 50.-), Véronique CHECHIN-LAURENS (31.11.19 - € 50.-), Karen THOMSON (13.09.19 - GBP. 49.-), Karen THOMSON (13.10.19 - GBP. 49.-), Nathalie ALBERT (21.10.19 - €. 261.87.-), Karen THOMSON (13.11.19 - GBP. 49.-), Jan HILDEBRANDT (25.11.19 - CHF. 519.52.-), Julian LUSARDI (26.11.19 - CHF. 31.46), Julian LUSARDI (27.11.19 - CHF. 31.46), Gessica VITALI (13.11.19- € 46.00), 

Donations without the amount details

Sarah FAVRE, Pascal GAILLARD, Valérie BERTHOUD, Erwin KURIAWAN, Doddy, Fabienne SIGGEN-PONT, Susana HERRERO, Robin SCHWIDERSKI, Robyn DAVIS, Caroline JACCARD, Marc FOISSEY, Susan DUNBAR, Sarah MILNES, Bernard MARCHAL, Ait OUFELLA, Flora GAVAND, Carole MARNET, Claire MALGOUYRES, Marc-Alexandre CHERRIER, Tobias RINDLISBACHER, Lidia POMPONI, Chloé, Max & Mahé CAPELLI-DUBRIT, Konner SLOAT, Yan YUAN, Ryan KENDALL, Maria MAITINO, Geneviève WETTSTEIN, Sandrine DUBESSET, Viet HUNG PHAM, Arnaud MAYEUR, Philippe GREMMILLET, Samuel PARGNEAUX, Alma BUGNARIU, Philippe LECLERC, Gaston EYMANN & Famille, Lars VAN MIL, Lucy TAYLOR, Malgorzsata STYLO, Patrick MEYER, Andrea LUCCAR, Laura CZOPP, Kate PARKIN, Michael BROWN, Mallence BART-WILLIAMS, Tobias RINDLISBACHER, Antony CYRIELLE, Vladimir SAYKO, Pascale VALBERT, Gillian GAYNAIR, Ashley PEETERS, Donna BROWNING-CROWLEY, Grégory PLAUD, Xavier CHIARLONE, Scott ABRAHAMSON, Cécile GRAGIRENA, Anthony GRAVANIS, Diane , Francine BROCHARD, William SCARBOROUGH, Michel JOUVE et Famille, Masae SATOUCHI, Karine LE MEAUX, Lee OSBORNE, Laurence FRONTINI, Bhave DEVASHEESH, Geng LI, Jean-Luc STEIBLIN, Mohamad ROSZAINI, Nicole AMERSTORFFER, Pierre-Alain & Françoise VAUTRAVERS, Emmanuelle DETRY, Elodie TORRES, Alain FIORINA, Nicolas THOMAS, Franck DE VEDRINE, Alex Nathalie MEISSNER, Jean-François LEVEQUE, Jeremy DE TREMEUGE, Sandrine MERCIER, Gaspard BRULE, Sandrine MONDOU, Laurence FRONTINI, Maciej WITZACK, Simon SALGE, Nicolas CLEMENT, Kristy SHEPPARD, Coralli GRIEU, Mohamed SABAN, Jean CORNET, Marc AUBIN, Marc NIEHAUS, Andrea , Michael KUNDIG, Andre HUE, Benjamin SOULA, Jurgen ZENGER, Jerome VANPEVENAEGE, Jennie EVELIEN ZWANEPOL, Catarina DITTSHLAG, Sarah and Andrea KOUSLITZOS, Alexandre BERGER, Jana KRUTA, Ingrid DEKKER, Philippe CHERRIERE, Sebastian TIMM, Geneviève TREMBLAY, Siggen LOIS, Mathilde FOUQUE, Cathy MULLER, Katarina HANSEN, Laurent VANDENBROUCKE, Rachel KIMBERLEY, Christophe BOEALERT, Miguel NICOLAZZO, Leopold MEULEMAN, Fabrice VINCENT, Kylie O'GRADY, Harri VENNOLA, Alexandra DEVRAY, Brendan & Joanne KELLY, John MAC LEAN, Vanessa CLOUGH, Lelde NALLAMA, Jay WALDRON, Martin QUINLAN, Thomas SPEYER, Laura PETOUD, Sylvia LUK, John CAPISTRANO, Daniela JANKI, Michael ROLAND, BOUZI, Hendrik SEIDENFADEN, Alexandre BERGER, Trish HOWE, Jane BLACKAH, Carol HAY, Nigel BROWN, Sonny ASWANI, The Foundation, Elysia RISANTI, Julian LUSARDI, Laurent ANDRE, Michèle WETTSTEIN, Fondation RW à Neuchâtel, the Swiss Confederation, the FAIR WARUNG BALE, The Swiss Confederation, The Canton de Vaud, Daniel & Carmen VOUILLOZ, Cloé PODORODECHI, Carlos WANG, Robert HAVERS, Ariane DE MESTRAL, Magali ALIX-TOUPE, Axel KAHN, Joris CASALIN & Famille, Stefanie WARREN, Eitan & Esther INBAR, Célia NUSSBAUMER, Véronique CHECHIN-LAURENS, Delphine FISCHER, Sylvia DICKSON, Marie-Ange ALRIC, Geneviève WETTSTEIN, Serge MAURY, Eric ROUDERGUES, Dorothée CASALIN, Vincenza OCCHIPINTI, Skye CHANG, WETTSTEIN, Diane OYEX, Nicolas BOULET, Wendy POMEROY, BRIDAL BNB, Chan Khai YEONG, Benoît LEVY, Gail REYES, Agathe VERDIER, Anne-Marie DAHLAB, Camilla MINOTTI, Johan ERIKSON, Carl STERN, Terri ROMAN, Andrew YUILLE, Pascale PISANI BUFFOLI, Ranganath SANGEETHA, Sarah ELISABETH, Gina SOBRAL, Philip WULFING, Nathalie MCDONAGH, Fabrice KUBIAK, Mathias LAMPS, Christian MONIN & Michèle LENOIR, Joe THOMSON, David DE JONG, Maxime HAZERA, Delphine RICHTER, Catherine SANTINI, Simone MAIER, Glenys PERRI, eBasile MANENT, Nada KAHN, Marylune AEBERHARD, Fabien BOISSIEUX, Adriano SINOPOLI, Jeremy DE TREMEUGE, Lia HOWARD, Laura JONES, Chantal & Denis JOUVE, Simon LEGOUGE, Prof. Christian VAN DELDEN, Prof. GERVAIX, Prof. François CHAPPUIS, Dr. Sandra BURNER, Sophie MOCKERS, Scott ABRAHAMSON, Danielle & Claude GUILLEMIN, Pascale PAPI, Pascal ERNY, Joanne MANNING, Stefania CLEMENTI, Kara JORDAN, Benjamin PHILIPPE, Lelia RYBARCZYK & Family, Simone MERTN, Terri POWELL, Manuella SORVILLO, Chloé SOUESME, Ariane HOCHET & Family, Aude MERCIER, Eka NUR AZIZA, Dale FANSHAWE, Pierre-Gilles RICHARD, Dominique RICHARD, Ludovic TAILLANDIER, Lisa HOFSTATTER, Silvia CHANG, Tony STARK, Angélique MOREL-CARDOSO, Ronald SCHMID, Martin Ariel NICOLAZZO, Lia GUNAWAN, Saliha ADLANY SALEH, Nabil JELLAZI, Jeroen VAN OVERBEEK, Anton BOURDIN, Claire BISSON, Alexandre CURTAY, Saro GRAVINA, Maxime FONTAINE, Angelo BELLA, Dominic-Oliver CORT, Eleonore SOK, Eydis ELLENDERSEN, James RICE, Lilian FUSERS, Brigitta EDVARDSSON, Martin BARTELT, Christopher LINGLE, Tim TSAI, Dr, Alberto M. FORTE, Bastian DOERING, John YGGDRASIL, Martine GUERIN, Gisèle FERNANDES, Andrea MORILLO, Raul JAIMES, Victoria LEI DY, Virginia MINJARES, Adriano & Bonnie PORCARO, Hang WANG, Hai NGUYEN HOANG, Julie QUINTANA, Christine NAZARENO, Virginie BRUNE, Moritz CONRAD, Lucile CZAPLINSKI, Philippe LAUTIER, Ursula SOMMERHALDER, Zita PIRAS, Kate THOMSON, Rachel FINDLATER, Sylvie DIQUET, Elliot COX & Partner, Emilie GALETIER, Lai Yee WONG, Joe THOMSON, Kerry HICKS, Peter CULLEN, Henri BOIRON and Family, Olivia MARINELLI, Per LINDQVIST, Leah HORNER, Diana, Davie, Ayleen & Stefan FIEDLER, Ard NIESEN & Family, Gwynneth PICKFORD, Marco MATZLER, Alain MACCHI and family, Olivia JULLIAN, Christine MC CARRY, Chris KIRK, Jenny FOOK, Bridget DOBINSON, Christiane WATGEN, Darryl GOODWIN & Family, Yuchao WANG, Xiaopeng HU, Costin MIHAI, Marina GOLDYAK, Bianca DAVIDDE-COX, Mark R. SELLERGREN, Ben BONIFANT, Heinz SCHMITT & Family, Christoph HORMANN & Family, Jackie ARNOTT, Lidsay DONOHUE, Natalina CATANI, Sasha KIESSLING & Family, Charles LLOYD LIBARDOS, Malika AROUS, Linda VAN ZOMEREN, Olga KONOSHENKO, Maria RASSOKHINA, Robert AYLIFFE, Dan SHAO, Victoria OLSINA, Floriane REUSE, Miguel POPOCA, Jing ZHANG, Linda VAN ZOMEREN & Family, Karl AHLBERG, Alexandra MILES, Zita GOMES, Patrick ARNELL, Jorge MACHADO, Maarten KLEIJNGELD, Jess DAME, Aimée GAUTHIER, Jukka SEPPA, Nadine AMES, Jean Manuel PEYCRU, Violaine RICHARD, Visions Treatment Centers & Amanda SHUMOW, Christine FOELL, Kurt GARBE, Leslie STEINMETZ, Sylvia DE VLIEGER, Kathleen BIGSBY, Tri WINDARI Kyle NEEF, Aimée GAUTHIER, Abhir VERNEKAR, Princess TANAJEROS, Selsa PINTO, Norberto PANDOLFI, Elizaveta SKVORTSOVA, Andrija ZIDARIC, Lynda PEARSON, Louis BEAL, Sasha IVANOVA, Bina SHAH, Noirin O'BRIEN, Megan EDLESTON & family, Michiel T & family, Lucile CZAPLINSKI, Rares DUMITRU, Simon WOOD, Michael LATINA & family, Amine LAGHRARI, Madelein DOVREN, Lucile CZAPLINSKI & Frédéric FALETTA, Laurent RUIZ & family, Sebastian ALLMAYER & partner, Steven IDE & family, Penelope BETTISON & family, Marco MATZLER, Paul-Marie BLANCHARD & family, Josef KADLCIK & family, Andrea CAMPAGNARO, Wilma GOOSSEN, Lu LIU & Family, Simone DUNNE, Ragesh BATHIA & family, Silmara GOULART & friends, Ms. Xinyang LIU, Ms. Liying CHEN and family, Mrs. Mara BENNETT, Bradley DAWNES, Justin LEE & friends, Thomas LINDNER, Michel VERRETH, Laureen PORCHER, Clara ESTEVE, Guilherme SILVEIRA, Kim VANDELEUR, Sebastian FUENTES, Vincent JAMIN, Lorraine MENOUER, Cinzia ROVELLI, Jinlini SHI, Hongyang GUO, Jenny WINWRIGHT, Paula DE JONGE, Gwynneth PICKFORD, Sarah SCHINELLER, Enzo BONETTI, Simon REIMER, Martinn STERK, Stefanie WARRENN, Philippe MOREL, Anh PAHN, Lionel STALDER, Eline POSTMA, Emmanuelle CERRI, Fabio CORRADO, Suzanne from Bornheim (DE), Jolanda VAN DEN BOOM, Monique HUYNH, Evelyn MASONER, Miguel ROCHA, Andrea ALABASTRO, Mathieu BAUDOIN, Jenny BIRD, Lisa & Anthony RUTT, Qin EN LOOI, Pierre CORNET, Yun ZHANG, Ingrid SIRIWAAN FLATLAND, Edward BELL, Long ZHOU, Sophie EINFELD, Pete KIELY, Jacob BENTSEN, Sadashi Consulting & Julien DELEVINGNE, Kathryn SURBER, Plinio FRANCA, Geert RENES, Françoise FREYSBURGER, Julia OHL, Henrik RAVIN, Dennis ARPINO, Keegan JARRETT CROSS, Jean CHABARDES, Didier RABALAND, Véronique HULIN, Jean-Luc DU SAULT, Zia RIZVI, Eric PIEPER, Nicole BOCK, Lakdhari NADJIM, Christophe POURTIER, John BEKENDAM, Erna MARTIANA, Seaman CAI, Clint BAISDEN, Nicolas BENLOULOU, Laurent EDIN, Sylvain KAHN, Alanna NIELSON, Denise BOULTON, Emmanuel CORTEZ & Family, Marianne JONGERIUS, Nicolas DUYCK, Christophe PUTOUD, Rani RARUNG, Delphine CHUET HOUARI, Francesca ACCORNERO, Marcel QUADRELLI, Xao ZHANG, Alex ESPOSITO, Donna SCOTT, Anaisa SOUSA, Tammy HARVEY, Helene COUSIN, Dmitry PALAGIN, Kenza EL ALAOUI, Atsuko HARADA, Samuel SIMON, Robert JARL, Dima & Alina & Dima PALAGIN, David KELSLEY, Olivier JASSOGNE, Stephan VON DER NULL, Keirena LAINE, Carloli NE, Angelina Idt, Veronique FRANCAUX, Ryan LOUIE, Yao ZENG, Yichen ZHAO, Natasha PENE, Edwina ALLAIN, Manuela STUBER, Ryan FIELD, Anna HIGGINSON, Carole REVEST, Helene CHEDRU & family, Andy DORNIAK, Erin SIMANTS, Natasha PENE, Choon AIK WEE, Jeroen VAN DER KAMP, Audrey PIONNEAU, Laurence FISCHLIN, Jared JLEMAIL, Steven FAIRBROTHER, Yi SONG, Jérome STERCKX, Joris ROMANOVISKIS, Jose Antonio MUNOZ-SALAZAR, Natlaliya TURETSKAYA, Yanyan LIU, Donelle BLYTHE COLVILLE, Rosie BARKER, Teddy DINKER, Alexey PODOCHISHCHALOV, Nanette KARISSA, Paul THOMPSON, Nicole SOLEMSAAS, Alban GERBET, Valérie CATRICE-BRIGNON, Kruti DAYLAL, Anais MENETREY, Heike HEINRICH & friends, Edwina ALLAIN, J,-C & Cathie BARGETON, David PERROUD & family, Lukasz TURSKI, Bruno BATTISTA, Nicolas EMANUELI, Ditte MORUP & family, Eszter NAGYMATE, Jason CAULFEILD, Christina VON DONGEN & Family, Dipika PRASAD, Adinda HASAN, Christoph STEFFNER-WALLNER, Pascal PODKOWSKI, Alison KENNING, 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MATERN, Jacqueline CREZE, Tania BEEFORTH, Brad GIRDWOOD, Sherry SINGHATCHAI, Han WANG, Roxanne LAULEY, Arjan HANEKAMP.

Thank you very much to all of you for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

What they said about us

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