The Ethical Charter of the Fair Future Foundation

The following Charter establishes the foundations’ existence, their values’ meaning, their base philosophy and de facto, their mission and prime objectives.

Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends,

The following Charter establishes the foundations’ existence, their valuesmeaning, their base philosophy and de facto, their mission and prime objectives.

The Fair Future Foundation Organisation

1. The foundation operates in disease prevention, medical and health care, education and professional integration towards children, teenagers and young adults.

1.1 The foundation assist them in recovering their autonomy to build their future, in respect of affective and social specificities and of their living environment;

1.3 The foundation is a non-profit organisation ;

1.4 The foundation operates in total compliance of the operating country’s beliefs, traditions, customs and religions;

1.5 The foundation ethos excludes any denominational or ethnic discrimination. Furthermore, we are strictly not politically affiliated.

1.6 The foundation commitment is to build sustainably, without any condescendence towards the local population, nor the already existing initiatives.

2. We consider that

2.1. In regard of our societies development, of the global information media access and the goodwill of those fighting for social progress, health, medical care and education should not be any longer a hindrance to the fulfilment of tomorrow’s society;

2.2. Hence our foundation makes it a priority to develop solutions for one or several issues, to reduce the areas where health & medical care, only exist today in glimpses of hope and this, in respect of the communities and each of their members;

2.3. Respect, tenderness, simplicity, care and action are values which will be joined by any positive influence assisting the area, a sector or a matter of interest which we are engaged within relieving it from its deficiencies;

2.4 The foundation can fulfil such actions through the actions of voluntary people, which first motivation is to fight underprivileged childhood and lack of healthcare.

2.5 Those men and women can testify about what they freely experience and witness, so they can testify in favour of humanity.

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