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You have been redirected: Dear friends, you may have been redirected from the foundation's donation platform. Don't worry, it's normal. Nothing will change, your donations, if you made any, are still present, and receipts are available. Fair Future must now be rational, and the time we spend in the field helping families no longer allows us to manage the two websites. It takes a lot of time. And we have little connection from eastern Indonesia. - More details below, thank you..

Teachers provide primary medical care

The magic of this "Primary Medica Care" program? It's just that it's unique in the world and it works. The first batch of sixty teachers who have followed the training in primary medical care in rural areas, tell us about their "exploits" and their work as rescuers. They take confidence in themselves it is the most important, and we note it. Medical care is given to children of sick or injured adults. Lives are being saved.