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Medico-social problems on which we are committed

Discover how Fair Future teams respond to different diseases in the regions where we operate and understand the challenges we face to provide the most appropriate response(s) to each social, medical, infrastructural, or educational issue.
Preamble and short information: The people most at risk are mainly those who live in poverty or in areas of great instability, such as during conflicts, very rural regions, or during mass displacements, where living conditions are precarious, access to health care is almost non-existent, medical coverage is chargeable, water is unsanitary, electricity is absent and vaccinations for children are rare. Measles and yellow fever outbreaks can spread quickly and be deadly. Malaria is endemic in hundreds of regions. Millions of people are living with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Viral hemorrhagic diseases are rarer but potentially fatal. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has affected our operations, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. Thank you for your attention.
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