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What is this project led by Fair Future about? Fair Future, as part of its work of screening and defining needs, creates and develops participatory tools for monitoring things. This includes what we put in place, what we build, and the localization of real needs. These maps are now used by local authorities in the field of medical care, monitoring of the COVID-19 Pandemic, clean water needs in rural areas of East Sumba. Each of the social or medical actors, for example, during a visit to a place, a family, an installation can either map it or, if it exists, update it according to its evolution. Thank you very much Kawan
We provide relief in case of Natural Disasters

This map was created and developed during the natural disaster of April 2021, the floods, landslides, ruptures of the retention dams put the foundation and all our volunteers in hard work, 24/24 for several months. Since then, this map has been used by our field teams and will be used during the next natural disasters.

Clean Water access - Site of Mauliru - East Sumba

Access to water for families is essential for their life, health, and well-being. In this sense, the implementation of sustainable solutions is one of our main objectives with the Fair Future Foundation. In addition, these programs for access to clean and drinking water are clearly part of the fight we have been leading since 2008: Improving the health of people, families, and communities, offering the possibility of increasing their income and their well-being…

Water Connections project - Site of MbinuDita - East Sumba

Health problems are also increasing, as well as nutritional problems (famine and starvation), mainly affecting children and other so-called “vulnerable” people. The crisis related to the lack of clean and consumable water is, therefore, an absolute priority here to improve the health of the populations, but also the local economy.

That’s why we drill wells and create clean water networks in the most complicated areas. Where live communities which, for lack of drinking water, are in permanent danger. Where we implement these programs, people are in a situation of starvation or serious nutritional deficiencies. This is an observation that we make every day here, on-site.

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