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Extract | Do you feel passionate about the work of the Foundation? For one of the causes that occupy us 24 hours a day? Want to do what you can to make a difference? It can be easy to take action and make an impact! Whether you’re on a budget or looking for other ways to help, here are some ways to support your favourite cause and make a lasting impact with all the good friends at Fair Future or with Kawan Baik Indonesia, our little sister in the country!
Empowering Health and Transforming Lives of Children

Empowering Health and Transforming Lives of Children

This new "Picture of the Day"  displays a gathering of children in one of the homes in the remote village of Mbatapuhu, East Sumba. Our dedicated socio-medical team educates them on the importance of self-care, utilizing the "Kawan Sehat" guidebook. This village is situated in a challenging location with no access to electricity, clean water, or sanitation facilities. The nearest medical centre is over two hours away by motorbike or a gruelling six-hour walk. The villagers rely on nature for their restroom needs. Unfortunately, due to poor hygiene practices, malaria has become a significant issue. Additionally, malnutrition is a primary concern in this impoverished and rural community.

In the remote villages of East Sumba, the Fair Future Foundation conducts information sessions for children under the "Kawan Sehat" program during every visit. We collaborate with members of these rural communities to disseminate crucial information on maintaining good health, accessing better healthcare, and protecting oneself from diseases like malaria and dengue fever. These sessions, which are both informative and fun, equip children with the knowledge they need to lead healthier, more promising lives.

Malaria and dengue fever are grave illnesses that frequently afflict the rural areas of East Sumba. Through these sessions, we educate children on preventive measures such as using insecticide-treated bed nets, eliminating stagnant water and seeking medical assistance immediately upon experiencing symptoms. Through promoting this knowledge, we hope to significantly reduce the incidence of these diseases and safeguard children's health. The "Malaria Prevention Initiative Sumba Timur 2023" program was launched to combat malaria.

These sessions are not limited to specific illnesses but also cover topics such as personal hygiene, balanced nutrition, and healthy lifestyles. Children are encouraged to adopt positive habits like handwashing, consuming nutritious foods, and exercising. By incorporating such practices into their daily lives, they can develop more robust, healthier, and resilient bodies.

The Fair Future and Kawan Baik teams empower children and strengthen entire communities by providing vital information on disease prevention and healthy habits.

Sumba Malaria Prevention Program 2023

Sumba Malaria Prevention Program 2023

Discover how the East Sumba Malaria Prevention Initiative we are presently executing is combatting this destructive ailment. By implementing preventive measures like distributing mosquito nets treated with insecticides and raising awareness on eliminating mosquito breeding sites, this initiative strives to diminish the occurrence of malaria in the area. Witness the combined efforts of Fair Future and Kawan Baik, working together with local authorities and the severely impacted ultra-rural communities, to safeguard the population against this mosquito-transmitted disease.

A healthier life thanks to the Water Connections program

A healthier life thanks to the Water Connections program

This new "Picture of the Day"  shows a delighted father who can now provide daily showers for his children, thanks to the newly installed water supply. Previously, they could only shower sporadically, sometimes only once a month. Additionally, the photo showcases the new sanitation facilities constructed in Mbinudita. The Water Connections project has successfully installed over forty reservoirs, thirty sanitary installations, three deep boreholes, and more than 15000 meters of HDPE pipes.

Water scarcity can be a significant source of stress for some regions, and various factors can cause it. Arid climates, low rainfall and prolonged droughts are just a few conditions that can contribute to water scarcity. Poor water resource management and a lack of knowledge can also exacerbate this problem, making it even more difficult for everyone to access the water they need to thrive. 
Despite these challenges, Fair Future is working hard to address water scarcity and ensure people have access to this vital resource. That is why we have developed the Water Program Connections.

Fair Future and Kawan Baik have noticed a significant improvement in the behaviour of families who have benefited from the "Water Connections" initiative. This program has enabled people to grow gardens, consume healthier food, enjoy life more, reduce stress, and boost energy levels. As a result, there has been a marked decrease in illnesses.

Witnessing these positive changes fills us with joy and reinforces our conviction in our decisions. Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundation have always aimed to improve individual health, and providing access to safe drinking water is a beautiful way to accomplish this objective. As a Medical Foundation, Fair Future Foundation understands clean water's significance for maintaining good health. Drinking enough clean and healthy water is crucial for various physiological processes, including body hydration, proper organ function, digestion, and elimination of toxins.

Access to clean and safe water prevents dehydration-related illnesses, such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and constipation. It also significantly prevents dehydration, particularly in hot areas where sweating and water loss through respiration are common. While water is necessary for maintaining good health, we understand better than anyone else that certain medical conditions may require alternative treatments.

An absolute emergency | #waterconnections - Laindatang site, East Sumba. A project entirely linked to the program to combat water-related infectious diseases, malnutrition and infant mortality. The fight against Malaria in East Sumba is one of our priorities with the primary medical care project for children in ultra-rural areas. This achievement will save lives here.