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A real financial blow that affects us

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The October 24, 2022
Extract and Description of this News: Two of our MacBook Pro-type computers, owned by the foundation, broke down in less than three weeks. And the repair costs are exorbitant for us. We had to find quick solutions. There are days when nothing goes, or almost. Of course, it's part of life. Still, when it directly affects our ability to work and significantly impacts the finances of our medical and social programs, it becomes complicated for a small foundation like ours. - Thank you for your interest.

Help us overcome this huge problem

Repairing these two units is impossible because we do not have the necessary funds. But if any of you feel aware of what this means for us in the field in terms of shortcomings, then you can help us to have these two computers, property of the foundation, repaired. They would benefit Alex, who has more computers when he is on assignment, and Rumah Kambera’s teams, who would finally have a laptop for their work. Thanks a lot
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