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A word from Alex | We live a real humanitarian and food crisis!

This Post relates to: Food Shortages | Healthcare Access
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The May 06, 2020
Extract | 2020, 2021, 2022 will be years of food and health disasters, here in Indonesia but also in the world, especially in under developing countries and those like here, where the population is not the main concern of the authorities. federal. Covid-19, Tuberculosis, Dengue Fever, malnutrition, economic poverty, even less access to medical care than before... And people are trying to live... And Fair Future is doing the best it can to help as much people as possible!
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An absolute emergency | #waterconnections - Laindatang site, East Sumba. A project entirely linked to the program to combat water-related infectious diseases, malnutrition and infant mortality. The fight against Malaria in East Sumba is one of our priorities with the primary medical care project for children in ultra-rural areas. This achievement will save lives here.

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