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Free health and medical care for over 250 people

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Kawan: Alex Wettstein

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The April 22, 2021

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For the Forgotten of Sumba, Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundation’s offered free medical and medical care to more than 250 people, the vast majority of whom were children.

Severe nutritional deficiencies, problems of malnutrition, anemias, problems respiratory, injuries, skin infections were the most common problems, the ones most frequently encountered here during our medical treatment sessions for the victims.

In a few days, we will repeat this kind of socio-medical event. Free health care and medical care will be organized, but we lack a lot of medicines, medical equipment to cope with the very large number of cases that are presented to us. We lack water, food, food supplements, vitamins to give as many people as possible a chance.

To close our eyes to this disaster to come would be a shame, sad. Sumba East and already one of the poorest regions of the Indonesian archipelago, see Southeast Asia. Recently victims of pests, especially grasshoppers, their corn crops have already almost all disappeared.

Fair Future believes the worst is yet to come. In particular, linked to the problem is linked to the lack of water, which is non-existent today. Also to the loss of more than 4,000 hectares of rice fields and crops. Let’s not close our eyes to what’s going to happen here, it’s pretty serious.

We are the only NGO there, I mean international, Kawan Baik and Fair Future are also the ones who run what is the biggest social camp in the whole province of East Sumba.

We represent a great citizen, social movement, and all the people who are here, very many who come voluntarily to help us, are mostly residents of Sumba, all victims of this disaster that hit East Sumba on the 4th April, Easter Day 2021.

Thank you so much for helping us. We need medicines, donations, medical supplies, food… Do not forget them!

The Fair Future Foundation team, from Rumah Kambera base camp.

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