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Khris Praing, Bupati of East-Sumba to Mbinudita site

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Kawan: Alex Wettstein

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The July 11, 2022

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Extract and Description: The Mbinudita school is now an official school, which falls within the bosom of the schools of the Indonesian state. A huge ceremony that took more than 4 days of preparation took place on June 25, 2022 on the #sdmbinudita school site. In the presence of the Regent of East Sumba, Drs. Khristofel Praing and a number of officials, we have been able to visit the facilities already in place and built as part of the clean water access project for more than 2,500 people. Doing it on a motorcycle with the Bupati was exceptional! - Thank you for your time and interest.

The Regent of Sumba East comes to visit us on the Mbinudta site… Magic!

An unforgettable moment for all – Off-road motorbike with Bupati from Sumba Timur to visit the facilities made by the foundation.

On June 25, in #sdmbinudita, as part of the #bangunmbinudita program and on the occasion of the great official ceremony, which formalizes the entry of Mbinudita school (East Sumba) into the bosom of public schools, Fair Future Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundations have and are still building, we had the pleasure of organizing a fantastic little event, far from the ordinary protocols surrounding the visit of the highest official of the state of East Sumba.

Drs. Krsitofel Praing, Bubapti (Regent) of Sumba East, accompanied us to visit the facilities as part of the #waterconnections project. This ride is done over hill and dale with two 250cc trail bikes.

Alex Wettstein served as our guide, and with our friend the Regent, we went to see what was being done by our two foundations here in the village of #mbinudita. Our friend Khris, the Bupati and all the people who accompanied him were able to meet the villagers, discuss with Kawan Gogon and Primus (the builders), and realize how much, thanks to access to drinking water, people’s habits have changed thanks to all of us.

Sometimes there are moments in life that are worth all the rewards in the world, giving you the biggest smiles ever too! This day, this moment is undoubtedly one of those moments!

Khris Praing had the opportunity to talk with the children, and their parents, to observe and get an idea of ​​what is possible when we all come together. Together we drank the clean water from our boreholes, directly from one of the many reservoirs already in operation. It’s healthy, it’s so good and it’s fresh. This clean and healthy, non-lethal water provides a healthier life for everyone.

Kawan Gogon, Kawan Ayu, Kawan Primus, Kawan Ino, Kawan Annisa and Kawan Elthon were interlocutors who explained the foundations and philosophy of our work with and with local communities. It is a unique concept that involves the leading members of our two organizations in the field every day and for all projects. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all these people – and all the others – who made this day possible.

It was an unforgettable moment for him, for all the villagers, for us, for all the Kawans Baik, and all the good friends of our two organizations. It was also a good moment of stress for our friends in charge of the protocol linked to the regent of Sumba East’s move.

We present to you some images of this memorable day, which nevertheless gave us a lot of cold sweat, an immense logistical preparation too, because welcoming more than a thousand people at the top of an isolated hill in one of the most inaccessible regions in East Sumba, still resulted from the incredible performance.

How I see all those smiles, sometimes even those tears, resulting from unrestrained emotion. Things here have changed so much, and sometimes it’s normal to shed a tear.

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