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We act like dowsers and their magic wands. And it works so well!

This Post relates to: Environment | Water Connections | We are the Future
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The April 13, 2022
Extract | "Dowsing" generally refers to the practice of using a forked stick, rod, pendulum, or similar device to locate groundwater. Although tools and methods vary widely, most dowsers probably still use the traditional forked stick, which can come from a variety of trees, including willow, peach, and witch hazel. Other dowsers like us with the foundation use an elaborate box system and electrical instruments. And it works, it's amazing!

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An absolute emergency | #waterconnections - Laindatang site, East Sumba. A project entirely linked to the program to combat water-related infectious diseases, malnutrition and infant mortality. The fight against Malaria in East Sumba is one of our priorities with the primary medical care project for children in ultra-rural areas. This achievement will save lives here.

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