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Support the Truck of Life

Join us in our mission to deliver medical care to remote areas

Fair Future's Truck of Life is our lifeline to the most remote communities. It's a symbol of hope, tirelessly delivering life's essentials - food, clean water, and critical medical care - to those who need it most—your support matters. By donating just 56 cents per kilometre, you become a vital part of this compassionate journey.

Urgent needs for medical equipment

Donate Now: Portable Ultrasound Device for Rural Areas

Transform lives today by supporting Fair Future Foundation’s critical mission in ultra-rural Indonesia. Your generous donation funds portable ultrasound scanners, ensuring pregnant women receive the vital care they deserve. This isn’t just a donation; it’s a pledge for safer pregnancies and a stronger future. Act now—every contribution is a step towards saving lives and empowering communities.

Donate Now: Light up lives with solar lights in rural areas

In the remote corners of Eastern Indonesia, darkness falls rapidly, hindering essential activities like education and healthcare. Discover how Fair Future Foundation is addressing this challenge by introducing solar lamps to illuminate homes. These small solar systems not only extend the hours of light but also serve as a crucial lifeline to charge mobile phones for emergency healthcare access and educational enrichment. Join us in this transformative journey from darkness to hope, as we empower isolated communities to take control of their future.

Donate now: Aid #ZeroMalaria with two New Microscopes

Join us in an urgent initiative that tackles the deadly malaria epidemic head-on in Eastern Indonesia. Learn how Olympus Trinocular Microscopes serve as a linchpin in diagnosing this disease accurately and why they’re indispensable. Your financial contribution can purchase these crucial devices, directly impacting the reduction of mortality rates and ensuring more effective treatments. Now is the time to act; lives are in the balance

  • The percentage of expenses directly incurred within the framework of our actions, on the ground in favor of all of our actions! 93% 93%
  • Healthy living, health, education, women's & childhood programs, access to water and energy 65% 65%
  • Education for children, parents, families, schools, remote villages and teachers 18% 18%
  • Logistics accommodation, food, travel, transportation, voluntary management, cargo 9% 9%
  • Administration, fundraising, management in Indonesia and Switzerland for both Organisations 8% 8%