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The Interactive Map of Water Connections Project

This Post relates to: Water Connections | We are the Future
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The October 27, 2022
Extract and Description of this News: Fair Future develops participatory monitoring tools as part of its screening and definition of needs. This map is produced as part of the #WaterConnections project. It is updated as a new sewerage installation, a new deep borehole, a new clean water reservoir and everything that directly or indirectly affects this project is built. This Google map allows us to work, do this project and calculate: Heights, elevations, distances, depths etc... Thanks to this tool, this project is much easier to set up. - Thank you for your interest.


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An absolute emergency | #waterconnections - Laindatang site, East Sumba. A project entirely linked to the program to combat water-related infectious diseases, malnutrition and infant mortality. The fight against Malaria in East Sumba is one of our priorities with the primary medical care project for children in ultra-rural areas. This achievement will save lives here.

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