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We carried out our first deep drilling with our own machine

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Kawan: Alex Wettstein

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The July 17, 2022

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Extract and Description: Until last week, the 264 students of this school in East Sumba had no water in their school. As you can imagine, this posed unexpected sanitary problems for all the children, the teachers and the houses in the surrounding area. Fair Future has therefore decided to drill a deep well at the back of the school, and we have, thanks to our detection tools, found clean and clear water at a depth of almost 40 meters. A massive change for this community and the people who live nearby. Indeed, they will also be able to come and get water from this new deep well. - Thank you for your time and interest.

With our own machine that we recently acquired Fair Future gave access to clean water to 264 children in a school in Sumba Timur in Lambanapu.

Of all the natural elements, water is the most vital for us. Without water, the human body cannot grow or survive. But we don’t just drink it. Water has become essential for almost everything we do daily. Not only for cooking, cleaning and hygiene but also for farming, so to be able to grow your vegetables, have a garden!

Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundation offered access to a water source, which we fetched from 40m deep. The beneficiaries are 260 children and all the teachers of a school in East Sumba, SD Praikundu, Lambanapu, Kambera.

Previously, this school had no water. Toilets, yes, but without water. From now on, students will be able to drink, wash their hands, flush the toilets after use, and cook even if they want to.

One of the teachers told us they wanted to make a garden behind the school, where the borehole is. It’s a fantastic idea, and we can only encourage it. The added value of access to water is not only counted on the sole fact of having water here. It gives ideas, and people become creative and innovate automatically. Again, water is life. She gives wings!

So here are some pictures of this drilling carried out and financed by our two twin foundations Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia. We are glad because it is a real success. The water is flowing, fresh, clean, and we can drink it. This is magical if you think of all the benefits of a simple glass of water on health, morale, economy, harmony in life, and relationships.

“The water crisis is rooted in poverty, inequality and inequitable power relations, as well as inappropriate water management policies that aggravate water scarcity”.

Such drilling is expensive, even though we use our machine. You have to think about the equipment, the pump, the more than 100 m of pipes, the electrical connection, and the logistics, such as bringing a two-tonne machine to a site that is sometimes totally inaccessible. Therefore, we can only encourage you to donate in favour of the foundation to be able to do another drilling tomorrow.

Two other drillings will start in a week, but two different regions, require incredible logistics as access is impossible. Laindatang is one of the places where we will drill for more than 30 families made up of more than 60% of children in an area of ​​incredible poverty.

If you employ a company, drilling costs between $100 and $200 per meter. Or for a 100m borehole, for example, between $10,000 and $20,000. Why? Because you need a special machine here. East Sumba is the country’s poorest region, and access to water is tough due to the geology of the soil, impossible access etc.

Our drilling machine saves us about 75 % of the price of a borehole. Therefore, we must find funding for the remaining 25%

Thank you with all our hearts for your help.

Dates of Photos: July 2022 | Location: SDK Praikundu, Lambanapu

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