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We carried out our first deep drilling with our own machine

This Post relates to: Laindatang 2024 | Water Connections | Water shortages

Explore Fair Future Foundation’s actions in Eastern Indonesia. From combating malaria to ensuring access to clean water, our stories reveal how we are changing lives. With your help, we are creating a brighter future for the most vulnerable communities

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The July 17, 2022
Extract and Description: Until last week, the 264 students of this school in East Sumba had no water in their school. As you can imagine, this posed unexpected sanitary problems for all the children, the teachers and the houses in the surrounding area. Fair Future has therefore decided to drill a deep well at the back of the school, and we have, thanks to our detection tools, found clean and clear water at a depth of almost 40 meters. A massive change for this community and the people who live nearby. Indeed, they will also be able to come and get water from this new deep well. - Thank you for your time and interest.
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