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The #ZeroMalaria Mission: Testing East Sumba’s Population in Extreme Conditions

The #ZeroMalaria Mission by Fair Future Foundation: A Comprehensive Approach to Eradicating Malaria in East Sumba's Most Remote Areas. Navigating Extreme Conditions to Conduct Tens of Thousands of Tests: The Logistical and Medical Challenges Overcome Diagnostic and Screening: A Science and an Art...

Vital Resources for Lifesaving Program

Join us in making a difference! Fair Future provides crucial medical and social services to underserved communities through programs like #ZeroMalaria, #WaterConnections, and #PrimaryMedicalCare.

Your contribution can help save lives and create a brighter future. Let’s work together for a positive impact!

Malaria - Urgent needs for medical equipment

Malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs)

To accurately diagnose malaria, it is essential to conduct multiple tests using microscopes and reagents. It is crucial to obtain these materials promptly to detect and treat the numerous cases effectively.

Insecticide-treated bed nets (ITNs)

A reliable way to protect oneself against mosquito-borne diseases is the use of mosquito nets, which act as a barrier between people and insects. Sadly, many households in this area still lack access to this essential tool.

Indoor Residual Spraying Method (IRS)

A practical method of managing mosquitoes that make their way into homes is to use residual insecticide spray on the interior walls. Currently, Indoor Residual Spraying is one of two core malaria interventions recommended by the WHO.

Antimalarial medicines & others

There is a pressing need for an increased supply of antimalarial medications and treatments for illnesses resulting from contaminated water, malnutrition, and parasitic and infectious diseases that are prevalent in our area.

#ZeroMalaria Program

The #ZeroMalariaSumbaTimur Program combats malaria in East Sumba, Indonesia. This area is hit hard by malaria, especially among children and pregnant women, worsened by scarce medical resources. Our approach includes targeting mosquito breeding grounds, distributing insecticide-treated nets, and working with local authorities. We’re particularly focused on protecting vulnerable groups and addressing water-related issues that enable mosquito breeding.

Join us in our mission to eradicate malaria and create a healthier future for East Sumba.

#TruckOfLife Program

Meet the #TruckOfLife, our innovative solution for reaching remote areas lacking essential services. More than a vehicle, it’s a lifeline that navigates rugged terrains to deliver medical care, food, and water. The truck serves as a mobile hub, safeguarding volunteers while bringing healthcare and vital supplies to the underserved.

Join us as the #TruckOfLife breaks barriers, extending our reach and impact. With each journey, we redefine what’s possible, bringing hope and essential services to marginalized communities.

#PrimaryMedicalCare program

The #PrimaryMedicalCare (PMC) program has truly transformed rural communities in East Sumba since its inception in December 2022. Operated by dedicated, non-medical professionals, mostly strong women from remote areas, this program has provided care to thousands of people. These Kawan Sehat agents, despite not being medical experts, have become lifesavers.

Their commitment underscores the program’s effectiveness, especially in regions with limited access to medical resources. They are the unsung heroes making a significant impact.

#WaterConnections Program

Clean water and sanitation are critical in rural Eastern Indonesia, where waterborne diseases are widespread. Our #WaterConnections initiative provides safe water and improved sanitation, drastically reducing health risks. We employ innovative technologies, such as solar pumps, to create reliable water networks, improving overall community health and opportunities.

At Fair Future, we believe access to clean water is both a human right and a force for positive change. Join us in making a lasting impact.

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