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Building a 6,500-litre Ferro-cement tank

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Kawan: Alex Wettstein

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The July 29, 2022

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What is this image gallery about? Building a water storage tank is something simple but complicated at the same time. Working day and sometimes night too, sleeping under challenging conditions, eating little and walking a lot... This is the life of the Fair Future and Kawan Baik teams in the field, every day for months with the support and unconditional support of the villages where we are setting up a new program. We are very involved in all the constructions, be it the reservoirs but also the healthy sanitary installations, the water connections, the filtration systems, and so many other things which, put together, create infrastructures which make them more useful, simpler life. Thank you so much for your interest Kawan.

Fair Future and Kawan Baik, as part of the #waterconnections project, are building a 6,500-litre Ferro-cement tank. How do we do it? In what conditions?

Clean water & sanitation solutions for families Clean Water Solutions for Ultra-Rural Families and Communities – Build a 6500 Liter Reservoir!

The biggest problem is road access in the rural areas where we work. Indeed, it has no road, just stony, dirt roads on which it is challenging to pass. But also, there is no electricity and, of course, no water since we are here to ensure there is some.

How to make cement without water? How to work at night without light? How to live on a site for weeks? How to bring the tons of material necessary to build such a tank of more than 6000 litres?

Ten reservoirs have already been built as part of the #waterconnections project, #mbinudita site. All are connected via the deep borehole, which supplies clean water by kilometres of buried pipes. Now, dozens of families have access to clean, healthy, non-lethal water at home or near their homes.

This is what we suggest you see in the pictures here.

Rumah Kambera, the 29.07.2022/fff/aw

Dates of Photos and videos: July 2022 | Location: SD Mbinudita, Sumba Timur, NTT