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Covid-19 fight | We have just allocated CHF 5,000 for medical equipment

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Alex Wettstein

August 28, 2021

We must also think of those who are near us!

As part of our fight against the ravages of the pandemic in eastern Indonesia – where the situation is much more serious than in Bali –, Fair Future also wanted to help those on the ground here in Denpasar. These volunteers fight so much and more, against the problems linked to the spread of the pandemic in Indonesia, in Bali, and who do not really succeed. But who does what is necessary, that is to say, the essential!

Therefore, after meeting the director of the socio-medical services of the province, and after hearing their pain, their inability to do anything really effective, Fair Future Switzerland decided to give medical equipment to people who are in the field. The very people who pick up the bodies, go and look for sick people where they are, etc …

Consequently, equipment will be provided to them, for an amount equivalent to CHF 5,000. We are happy to be able to contribute to help them here too!

In addition, Fair Future will organize on September 26 a free vaccination session for more than 500 people, here in Rumah Sanur as part of the Headquarters of Fair Future in Indonesia.

Meet the author of this post

Alex Wettstein

My Name is Alex Wettstein, CEO, President, founder of Fair Future Foundation. Swiss and International official NGO (State Approved Foundation). I'm working as a volunteer, in the fields of health, education, access to drinking water, in South-East Asia, notably in Indonesia since 2010, I am married to Ayu Setia and we have 3 kids, Flavie, Elisa, and Atha.

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  1. Alexandre Wettstein

    Helping Bali is also very necessary. Fair Future is based here, I mean, our headquarter is in Denpasar! We are happy to contribute, as we did form 20010 until 2019: Btw, if people want to help us on the 26 september, please contact Kawan Niluh here:
    Thank so much!



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