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COVID-19 fight. An additional team is leaving for the territories of eastern Indonesia

Pandemic Time | Short & Quick

Alex Wettstein

August 24, 2021

Covid-19 fight | On August 25, 2021, another team will reinforce the staff already on-site,

A truck has already left for east Indonesia, filled with medicines, antigen tests, masks, disinfectants & other first-aid equipment to help this population of nearly 300,000 inhabitants who do not receive any form of aid, apart from Fair Future & Kawan Baik Foundations

In this period of total lock-down of the country, flights are extremely rare and even non-existent. We will therefore have to go through Surabaya, then Kupang, to finally be able to reach Waingapu and our Base Camp in Rumah Kambera. A two-day trip while its take usually few hours!

This new team will bring a lot more medical equipment, to take care of patients suffering from Covid-19. While hospitals and other medical centers on-site are closed (staff is no longer paid or too many cases of infections), we must do something! Consequently, we are doing with our own means, it is certainly not enough, but it is already something. And if we can only save one life, then it’s already worth it! Isn’t?

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Alex Wettstein

My Name is Alex Wettstein, CEO, President, founder of Fair Future Foundation. Swiss and International official NGO (State Approved Foundation). I'm working as a volunteer, in the fields of health, education, access to drinking water, in South-East Asia, notably in Indonesia since 2010, I am married to Ayu Setia and we have 3 kids, Flavie, Elisa, and Atha.

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  1. Alex

    We wish you good luck for this amazing work in East Sumba. Take care of all of you ❤️.


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