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Natural disaster in Sumba and eastern Indonesia

An update on the ongoing disaster in East Sumba.

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Natural disaster in Sumba and eastern Indonesia. An update on the ongoing disaster in East Sumba. The deadly floods, the health situation and the position of Fair Future, of Kawan Baik Indonesia on the spot, thanks to their constant commitments.

Natural disaster in Sumba and eastern Indonesia

Apr 5, 2021

Dear friends, dear families,

On the evening of April 4, we received an alert telling us that a cyclone was dangerously approaching Sumba Island and our base camps. And unfortunately, the damage is enormous and it is not over yet. (see video below).

We expect the “climax” in the evening as well as tomorrow. It is now thousands of families who have lost their homes, who no longer have enough to meet their basic basic needs such as drinking, eating, clothing or the luxury of having a roof over their heads.

The Fair Future teams on site and that of Denpasar coordinated our actions, particularly in terms of centralising aid, in order to deliver food, medicines, blankets and other health products as quickly as possible. first necessity. Especially vulnerable people, pregnant women, young children and the elderly.

We will send by truck and then by cargo as soon as the weather conditions allow it and the port will be reopened. For the moment, everything is cut; no electricity, port and airport closed. It is therefore our on-site teams who measure the extent of the damage and the needs on site. The Kawan’s give’s us an hourly update of the problems, damage and health situation on site.

It is within the framework of our Base Camp -Rumah Kambera-, located in the heart of the most devastated area, that Fair Future and Kawan Baik coordinate their socio-health aid actions. Note that we had to evacuate the area. house, but as soon as possible we will go back to our Base Camp in Waingapu (East Sumba) and use it as an “advanced first aid post”.

Therefore, we kindly appeal to your benevolence and generosity.

For those who read us from Denpasar, you can drop off food, clothes or blankets as well as medicines directly at our Base Camp in Rumah Sanur, Sanur, Denpasar.

For those who read us from the rest of the world and who wish to support all these families, the donation link below, or here if you want to make an offline donation.

Thank you all for your support, from the bottom of our hearts.

The Fair Future Foundation team

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A short film about the situation there (05.04.2021 © Fair Future Foundation)