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Truck of Life, Truck of Health Medical Care in Kangeli, East-Sumba

Go where no one is going! For medical care, food, clothes and something to have a better life
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Truck of Life, Truck of health. Providing medical care in a remote village in East Sumba, close to Lewa. Desa Kangeli, where more than 120 people, essentially children have received medical care, medical treatments, food, clothes, games, books, and fun with the Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundations.

Truck of Life, Truck of Health Medical Care in Kangeli, East-Sumba

by | Jun 20, 2021

Dear friends, dear families,

As we already told you in the previous News about the Clean Water Points that we are building here in Mauliru, Sumba East (we still need to do 39 but we do not have the means, not yet …), the 2nd team of Fair Future and Kawan Baik arrived by road from Denpasar base camp. A long six-day trip with the Foundation’s “Truck Of Life”.  For 4 days, this second team has been on-site and works 7 days a week as part of the actions of access to water and public health with yesterday 19.06.21, a day of care in a very isolated village of Sumba East, near Lewa, the village of Kangeli, here is the story:

We took the road early in the morning, with the “Truck Of Life”, in the direction of Lewa. In fact, a road that we know very well since it is the one we take very often to reach our school in Mbinudita, which we built last year. Do you remember? I think so if you are one of our frequent and regular readers! A winding and good road lasting 1h30 then after that becomes complicated: Without 4×4, it is not possible to access the village where nearly 250 people were waiting for us, all locals. A village in which again, water is scarce, far too scarce! Food too, medical care non-existent

Thank you very much to all of you for your kindness and support. See you soon!

The truck was loaded to the face, with nearly 500 kilos of equipment, including more than a hundred bags of food that we offered to the population and children of this poor and very rural village, with very limited access to food. electricity and water.

The people here, the families live quite far from each other, this is one of the similarities of the villages of Sumba East. One or two kilometers between two houses is normal here. The majority of people get around on foot, children without shoes! There is no school in the village, so our friends from Charis Foundation organize classes in the village church … A simple church, not yet finished building.

Arrived on site, the medical teams of Fair Future and Kawan Baik are set up in the wooden house, typical of Sumba. People came, mostly children, all sick.

The problems encountered are almost always the same: Nutritional deficiencies, asthma, bronchitis, many of which are chronic. For children, often diarrhea, cough, fever For adults, skin and joint problems, back pain… Extreme fatigue to be blamed on living conditions that are not healthy, and so on!

We also distributed more than a hundred bags of food to families and a lot of medicines and of course vitamins because here, we do not eat healthily. A normal meal consists of white rice, chili peppers, salt, and sometimes vegetables. But never fruit, since vitamin deficiencies are important, resulting in a deterioration in the state of form of the most vulnerable people: children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the chronically ill.

These living conditions, the health status of people can be greatly improved with access to clean water. Yes, water is life. It makes it possible to live better, healthier, to cultivate, to eat, to drink, to wash in a better way. This is why the foundation creates access to water, to toilets by gender, using ingenious, inexpensive, and entirely biological filtration systems, without danger for the environment of the beneficiary communities.

The Fair Future Foundation team, who wrote this news, directly from what is the largest medical and social camp in the eastern region of Indonesia (NTT), the home of Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia, who is called “Rumah Kambera“, house of Kambera, named after the village that welcomes us, in the heart of the area most devastated by this disaster on April 2021.

Thank you so much for helping us. We need medicines, donations, medical supplies, food… Do not forget us and them!

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COVID-19 Situation & Action Program in NTT

The situation in eastern Indonesia, the lack of state response, in order to deal with the severity of the pandemic here. Fair Future and Kawan Baik are asking for aid from States, banks, the International Monetary Fund in order to detect, test, vaccinate, take care of families, sick people


Construction process of the first Central Water Points

Carrying out such projects seem trivial. Water is a matter that we generally popularise. And yet, here in rural areas of eastern Indonesia, it is a real challenge. Therefore, here is a document that presents the process of building the first Central Water Points, which Fair Future is building,

Map of actions and definitions of needs by Fair Future in East Sumba NTT

This map is produced by the foundation's teams involved in the field from our local Base Camp in Sumba -Rumah Kambera-. This incredible place in which is organized plans responses and actions. Today, we are rebuilding and planning on long term implementation of sustainable solutions linked to health, water, food, and infrastructure.

Sumba Base Camp

Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundations

Jl. S. Parman – Kampung Praikundu
87115 Kambera
Nusa Tenggara Timur – Indonesia

A day of helping the local community of Kangeli, East Sumba