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Our aim is to take swift action against malaria

This Post relates to: Child Health | Medico-Social Needs | Zero Malaria Program

Explore Fair Future Foundation’s actions in Eastern Indonesia. From combating malaria to ensuring access to clean water, our stories reveal how we are changing lives. With your help, we are creating a brighter future for the most vulnerable communities

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The May 24, 2023
Extract and Description of this News: Malaria has a significant impact on Eastern Indonesia, specifically Sumba Timur, due to its remote and inaccessible locations, insufficient healthcare infrastructure, and limited preventative measures. Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax malaria are both prevalent in these areas, with malaria transmission occurring year-round. We have partnered with various donors and organizations to take swift and efficient action to address this critical health issue. - Thank you for your interest.

The fundamental aspects of the malaria control program are outlined below:

This program targets specific regions

Rumah Kambera - Fair Future Base Camp in Sumba Timur

Rumah Kambera serves as the heart of the community for hardworking individuals in eastern Indonesia. Our organization implements various programs, including healthcare services, disease prevention measures for illnesses like Malaria, initiatives to ensure access to clean water, and healthy sanitation, provisions for the Primary Medical Care Program, and disaster relief planning. Our dedicated teams are readily available to assist and support anyone in need. Additionally, Rumah Kambera serves as a hub for our team to brainstorm and develop innovative projects for the future.

Mahu, Sumba Timur, East Nusa Tenggara

The Mahu district in East Sumba is being severely impacted by the malaria epidemic. A staggering 80% of children are affected, and unfortunately, the number of adults affected is not yet accounted for. The situation is concerning as all the villages in the Mahu area are classified as "red" due to the high intensity of the epidemic. 

Our team's focus in the upcoming months will be on this region as it is the centre of the outbreak. It is imperative that Mahu's Puskesmas (A local small Medical Center) serves as the hub of medical coordination. Our team of over fifty members will be stationed and accommodated in the same area to ensure swift and efficient action.

Kabanda, Sumba Timur, East Nusa Tenggara

Primary Medical Care is a crucial program for the village and Kabanda region, which has been in place since December 2022 and represents a significant human accomplishment. The malaria rate in this area is alarmingly high, affecting over 80% of children, and the distance to medical centres is far too great. As a result, this malaria control program is essential for the region.

Ngadu Ngala, Sumba Timur, East Nusa Tenggara

We recently spent two days working at the local medical centre in Ngadu Ngala, East Sumba. We witnessed the devastating effects of the malaria epidemic on the region and its inhabitants. It's concerning that all villages, including Mahu, are classified as "red" due to the high intensity of the epidemic. The thousands of people living there are in dire need of assistance.

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