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Fair Future Reports

Activity and action reports

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2020 Fair Future Action reports

Reports for each project or action developed and implemented by the Foundation

Learn about each project we have set up. Location details, number of beneficiaries, completion dates, budgets, accounts, and activity reports. To see the foundation’s audited annual accounts, it’s here.

With the publication of its action reports, Fair Future wishes to record the evolution of its actions, programs, and projects in rural areas, to make them accessible, fun, and of course, completely transparent too.

All of the projects documented below all have a common goal when we have implemented and completed them:

“-Allow people of all ages, living in rural areas, deprived of essentials for life such as Access to health and medical care, to education but also to school, to water and drinking water, electricity, those victims of epidemics, pandemics or man-made or natural disasters, for example, to access a better, healthier life richer in everything… ”.

The Foundation is also announcing the launch of a reflection aimed at setting up new projects in 2021 and 2022. In particular, those on which we are working and which are related to access to basic medical care, drinking water, and a source of electricity in order to read, study and increase the capacity for economic development.

Providing the means for villagers in ultra-peripheral and very rural regions to have access to first aid is a program that is now underway. Therefore, we invite you to make proposals to us so that each family can have water, a light bulb, and innovative means of supplying them with energy.

MbinuDita School Financial report 2020

Pleased to present to you the final report, about the construction of the MbinuDita school in Sumba East. This project was one of the most beautiful, but one of the most complicated to achieve. Together, we did it. As part of Rebuild MbinuDita, we are...
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Rumah Kambera Financial report 2020

Rumah Kambera: Rumah means “house” or “home” and Kambera is the name of the village. We chose the word “home” on purpose. indeed, in addition to being our future offices in Sumba, it will also be a place of sharing, conferences, teaching, a house for...
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Report 2020 – Christmas in Lapinu, East Sumba

Christmas and New Year celebrations in small isolated and rural villages of East Sumba. Gifts for children, eating together, cooking together, dancing together, singing together. receive gifts from Santa Claus and just be happy together.
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Fair Future Foundation is a Swiss, international non-governmental organization
Being on the ground with those who need us
Federal Charity Number: CH-550.1.057.027-8

The 2020 year of Fair Future in a few pictures

We have built a school in East Sumba, for hundreds of children, generations of them

In 2020, we celebrated twice Christmas in Sumba villages

A Christmas action for a hundred children who live in a few villages in the region of Kahaungu Eti in East Sumba

in 2020, we Improve healthcare access for people

Starting the First Aid Kit Projects, in rural areas of NTT

in 2020, creation of innovative means to define children's needs

Sumba Photo Stories Program, by the children for a healthier life and living

In 2020, we fought the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid-19 Community Care, food, healthcare, prevention in the rural area of Sumba

In 2020, we create ways to live better during the pandemic

Help people to survive, to eat, to wash themselves, to look after themselves too

In 2020, we created a place of life and activities in Sumba

Opening of Rumah Kambera, a place for their future and their health

In 2020 we've founded Fair Future Indonesia

Legal opening of Fair Future Indonesia, official branch of Fair Future Switzerland

In 2020, socio-educational activities in rural areas were activated

Educational & social events in the new MbinuDita School, Sumba East

In 2020, we do a thousand and one more things

Help people who are sick, injured, malnourished or in great difficulty.

And in 2021? We will do more, with all of you

Several activities are on the way, do you want to be part of them with us?