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Sumba disaster, current situation, what we are going to do next!

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Kawan: Alex Wettstein

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The May 18, 2021

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For weeks now, Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia Foundations and dozens of volunteers have been implementing emergency actions aimed at restoring essentials for tens of thousands of people.

As we wrote to you in the previous News, we no longer count the tons of food, the hundreds of water tanks, the hundreds of thousands of liters of drinking water donated, the tons of food offered to families, the m3 of powdered milk for young children, the hundreds of kilos of clothes for adults and children, the thousands of medical prescriptions made, the thousands of patients we received and treated, the tonnes of rice distributed of course. And so much more things for the kids especially vitamins, food complements to prevent the worse!

This in favor of families who were victims not only of the consequences of the natural disaster of early April 2021 but also of all those who lost their meager resources in order to live normally in the local social and economic context. Before the disaster, life was already very complicated, but afterward, it became even more so for years to come.

People here mostly live in places that are normally inaccessible… So we have to drive for hours on pebble dirt roads, cross rivers, walk with kilos of food on our shoulders so that all these vital goods reach their recipients.

These are families who have lost their homes, their crops, their meager income… They are for the most part not very well, and therefore, they must be treated, given medicine, and something to feel better, get healthier!

The lack of water is the point that we are now highlighting. Indeed, we all know that without water, there is no life, without water, we do not eat, we do not drink, one cannot be cured but on the contrary, people’s health deteriorates rapidly. This is the observation that Fair Future and Kawan Baik make every day on-site, here from our socio-medical center in Rumah Kambera. We must now act in the long term and consider advantageous solutions so that as many people as possible can find a life close to normal.

As announced in the last News published on this site, Fair Future and Kawan Baik, in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross, began the construction of a central water point to supply water to nearly 40 families and more than 250 people, who have been deprived of it since the disaster. (Read here…)

Members of the Foundation will go there once again to join those who have already been there since the start of the health and social crisis. One will leave by plane from our Central Base Camp located in Denpasar to Waingapu (our base camp in eastern Indonesia), in a few days, the other will join them by car thanks to our brand new “Truck Of Life”. This first truck was acquired thanks to the generosity of a Swiss foundation (a huge thank you to them), but it will be the subject of one special News, in order to explain how we will henceforth use our social vehicle.

The time now gives way to the phase of reconstruction, development through advantageous and sustainable projects, fun, economical, and easily duplicable, as is the central water point project.

Among the projects that will be implemented in the coming weeks, let us highlight few others:

  1. The creation of a garden in which our volunteers will develop this pilot project of “community organic garden”. Growing vegetables, fruits, berries, learning to take care of them, harvesting, eating healthily, and passing on new knowledge to your neighbor in the nearby village. An activity developed by Kawan Baik and Fair Future Foundations within the framework of Rumah Kambera;
  2. Still within the framework of Rumah Kambera, the expansion of the center itself by adding a workplace under a canopy that we are going to build (6m x 15m). This in order to be sheltered from bad weather, heat when we sort the food donations, the various goods which will be delivered to the families etc… This will also allow our volunteers to work in better conditions. The cost of these modifications for our center is CHF 1,300.-;
  3. Develop access to primary and basic health care, also within the framework of Rumah Kambera. One of the rooms in the house will now serve as a medical dispensary. Doctors from our teams will organize medical care days there, with the donation of medicines, vitamins, and food supplements necessary to get better;
  4. Given that we now have a truck that we have called “Truck of Life”, it will of course be used to transport food, medical care, resources that people living in ultra-peripheral regions desperately need. This vehicle will cross the region, the impassable paths, cross the rivers, climb the hills and bring something to have a better and healthier life for hundreds of families;
  5. And many other actions aimed at helping one or two families, a region…

You can help us in this multitude of work which makes the daily life of our teams on site and those of Switzerland, Denpasar, Waingapu … Making a donation is a good idea, so useful for us, Once again, we are the only NGO on site! Thank you wholeheartedly for your kindness and generosity, friends!

The Fair Future Foundation team, who wrote this news, directly from what is the largest medical and social camp in the eastern region of Indonesia (NTT), the home of Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia, who is called “Rumah Kambera“, house of Kambera, named after the village that welcomes us, in the heart of the area most devastated by this disaster.

Thank you so much for helping us. We need medicines, donations, medical supplies, food… Do not forget us and them!

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