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The impact of COVID on mental health… And how we can help each other

This Post relates to: Pandemic Time
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The December 20, 2021
Extract | Understanding COVID-19 will help us all to stay safe. Find out more about COVID, and how to protect yourself and your community. The mental health impact of COVID… and how we can help each other. COVID-19 Health Information. Understanding the difference: Malaria & COVID-19. What is ‘long COVID’? Latest COVID-19 Data: Sources: WHO, December 2021. 4.8 Million Deaths: Deaths from COVID-19 are continuing to rise. Let’s do what we can to help stop the spread. 5.4 Billion Vaccine doses given: Doses are not being shared equally around the world. #OnlyTogether can we end the pandemic.

#OnlyTogether #Covid-19 #PandemicTime #WorldHasChanged #Malaria #MentalHealth #WHO #DeathRate #KeepHealthy #Switzerland #SwissNGO #Sustainablesolutions #makeadondation #giveforfairfuture

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