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Water Connections project in Laindatang

This Post relates to: Call for donations | Water Connections | Water shortages
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The March 06, 2023
Extract and Description of this News: The Water Connections project, Laindatang Site, is our current top priority. Laindatang is a village without water. Everyone is sick and does not have enough to eat and drink. Children are underweight, and so are adults. We must act for these hundreds of people and give them access to clean water. Here, malaria, dengue fever and infectious diarrhoea linked to contaminated water problems are taking their toll. After completing the feasibility studies, we are ready to implement this project this month. Indeed, we are there now and wish to start this necessary project for the hundreds of people suffering from the lack of water in the region. - Thank you for your interest.

Images of our visits to the site. East Sumba, Laindatang village

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An absolute emergency | #waterconnections - Laindatang site, East Sumba. A project entirely linked to the program to combat water-related infectious diseases, malnutrition and infant mortality. The fight against Malaria in East Sumba is one of our priorities with the primary medical care project for children in ultra-rural areas. This achievement will save lives here.

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