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Actions reports

Reports of actions that Fair Future carried out throughout the year. What, for whom, how much it cost!

Report 2020 – Christmas in Lapinu – East Sumba

Christmas and New Year celebrations in small isolated and rural villages of East Sumba. Gifts for children, eating together, cooking together, dancing together, singing together. receive gifts from Santa Claus and just be happy together. During this Christmas 2019, the village of Lapinu does not have access to electricity, we have installed two solar lamps to illuminate the village and the faces of all the inhabitants.

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Report 2020 – MbinuDita school building

Build a school that was destroyed by the storm. A school perched on a hill in the midst of the dry, arid hills of East Sumba. This without water, without electricity, with three skilled workers, the employees of Fair Future and the community of MbinuDita who had never seen this before … Successful bet, the school is built.

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