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Clean Water Access Point in Mauliru village – East Sumba

Rumah Kambera | Water access

Alex Wettstein

June 20, 2021

As you already know, the 2nd team of Fair Future and Kawan Baik arrived by road from Denpasar base camp. A six-day trip with the Foundation’s “Truck of Life”.

For 4 days, this second team has been on-site and works 7 days a week as part of actions for access to water and public health with yesterday 19.06.21, a day of care in a very isolated village of Sumba East, close to Lewa, the village of Kangeli.

This News especially in order to talk to you, show and make listen to what we are very busy at the moment. This happens in Mauliru village, near Waingapu. We have already explained it to you in some News. Indeed, two weeks ago we started this famous pilot project which aims to offer and provide clean water to 40 families, 250 people including many children, pregnant women, and vulnerable people. It is a magnificent project to which the local population fully and 100% adhere.

Obviously, you will tell me, because they do not have access to clean water, nor to toilets worthy of the name. Therefore, it will radically change their lives, in many ways …

Better health, a much better quality of life, increase their income because they will be able to cultivate a garden and especially germinate the seeds.

The project will be completed and operational for the families of this village in ten days. At the moment, we are in the process of completing the drilling, which will be 20 to 25 meters deep. This is so that we have access to clean water that is safe for people’s health. Today or tomorrow June 21, 2021, this drilling will be completed. Then we can submerge the pump, connect everything to the electricity and start laying the pipes in order to bring the water from the new well, to the toilets, showers and access point to this miraculous water … This clean and consumable water.

Note that Fair Future and Kawan Baik, in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross and Kawan Nicko, a specialist in water conservation in Sumba, have developed an ingenious system for recycling water that is used for washing, shower. This water will be collected and filtered in a natural way using local materials, such as wood, sand, ash, used fabrics, cotton. Giant filters have been dug (about 1m3), and filled with these materials with significant filtration power. This filtered water is then collected and can be used as water for watering the gardens, seeds that germinate on the sides of the walls of this water point, etc… Many other

Regarding the wastewater from toilets, each toilet is connected to a biological filtration system, type “Bio-tanks buried.” They are two, one for each toilet. Once the water is filtered, it is absorbed by the soil, the earth. This is without any danger for neighboring populations, cultures, or public health.

Now a reminder: Access to a source of clean water is vital, without water you die. With contaminated water, we also die.

There are 40 villages here that need such a project. Which means we should duplicate this project 39 more times. We have the means to do two for the moment and the 2nd access point to clean water will start shortly, according to the same model as this one (see photos below).

To provide water to nearly 40 families and 250 people by the construction of a project like (Read the .PDF here) this, costs CHF. 9,800.- Everything included, including pumps, filters, construction of the building, hands of local work, etc… This in order to save lives, it is certain because infant mortality here is very high: And this mortality is linked to the consumption of unsuitable water. Therefore, you are welcome to make a donation in favor of these communities without clean water. From them, a huge thank you.

Thank you very much to all of you for your kindness and support. See you soon!

The interview of the day | Living conditions, water and sanitation access in Mauliru

Bapak Jon explain (in Bahasa Indonesia), what his living conditions are like here in Mauliru

by Interview by Alex, Gogon and Niko (27 min.) | Water Connections Project

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Clean Water Point #1 in Mauliru Village, East Sumba

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