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Fair Future will purchase a deep well drilling machine for #WaterConnections

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Kawan: Alex Wettstein

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The February 15, 2022

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Extract | In order to allow access to drinking water to those who do not have it, within the framework of the program for access to medical care and improvement of the health of the populations of the outermost regions of the east of Indonesia, Fair Future has decided to invest CHF. 9,500.-, i.e. IDR. 145,000,000.-, for the acquisition of a deep well drilling machine. A machine for drilling more than 130 meters deep, in one of the regions where access to water is extremely difficult… This investment is part of the “Water Connections” projects.

A machine to find clean water more than 130 meters deep is expensive!

Nevertheless, it is a necessary investment, because, given the mission of the foundation which aims to provide access to better health, access to water is essential!

The context of water and its sources here

The main sources of drinking water are groundwater and surface water. In addition, precipitation can be collected and contained. The initial water quality depends on the source. In Sumba East, for example, surface water is generally largely undrinkable, or very generally of poor quality and requires extensive treatment.

Groundwater in eastern Indonesia is of better quality, but extremely difficult to access because of the financial means, the technology to access its water tables are literally absent. It is often necessary to drill more than 100 meters deep to find water that is consumable and not dangerous. If you don’t drill deep enough, then the water can be deadly.

This is the case of the thousands of wells dug by hand, at an average depth of 10m: They are all dry and when they still contain a few centimeters of water, the latter is mixed with urine, stool, water from the miscellaneous flow.

Other sources, such as spring water and rainwater, vary in quality, but each can be developed and treated to make it drinkable. The fact is that in eastern Indonesia where Fair Future is based, there is no or very little rain and again, rainwater harvesting requires the construction of reservoirs, the laying of gutters and a pipe system for distribution. This requires both money and knowledge. (Ref. Water connections project).

The system can be as simple as a well, pump and pressure tank to serve a single home. It can be a complex system, with elaborate treatment processes, multiple storage tanks and an extensive distribution system serving hundreds of households. (Ref. Water connections project).

Regardless of the size of the system, the basic principles for ensuring water safety and potability are common to all systems.

Why Buy Deep Well Drilling Machine for almost Chf.10’000.-?

As part of our actions on the ground, Fair Future aims to give better health to as many people as possible.

We plan to drill hundreds of wells as part of actions to improve access to health and to reduce infant mortality, serious illnesses, and other public health problems. Wells to build sanitation solutions for all. Wells and clean water also, and increase the economic resilience of an entire region, nearly half a million people.

To date, the foundation was asking a local company to drill for us

Despite the fact that we already had discounts, finding water here is very complicated and expensive: On average, $175.- per meter dug. The last drilling cost Fair Future and Kawan Baik Foundation more than IDR.70,000,000.-.

The calculation is therefore quickly made: The purchase of this deep well drilling machine costs the price of two boreholes that we would have to order from our partner, and this at average depths (60m).

This machine will be onsite on April 2022, It takes about two months to build it and to ship it there, over there, very far away. This purchase is to be considered as a donation made by Fair Future to Kawan Baik Indonesia foundation, our operational partner on site. For any further information, please contact us here.

Sincerely yours, Fair Future Foundation, the 15.02.2022

Your comment and feedback is invaluable

…to all of us here who are working in the field. You have a role to play, you can bring us your knowledge, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your words and your benevolence.

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