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Lack of clean water, malaria and malnutrition

Fair Future and our friends face Asia’s highest child malnutrition rate here. East Sumba is indeed one of the world’s regions with the highest rate of malnourished children. Infant mortality due to lack of clean water and toilets is staggering. How to care for the sick when there is no drinking water available? How to eat and drink healthily?

Fighting the malaria epidemic in East Sumba

General medicines available are scarce, and those to treat malaria and its associated epidemic are non-existent. Our medical teams – but also the local medical centres – are short of medicines. From then on, caring for many patients who come to see us becomes extremely difficult, and offering appropriate treatment becomes complicated.

A health emergency for a waterless village

Laindatang is a village without water. Everyone is sick and doesn’t have enough to eat and drink. Children are underweight. We must act for these hundreds of people and give them access to clean water and toilets. Malaria, dengue fever and infectious diarrhoea linked to contaminated water problems are taking their toll. After completing the feasibility studies, we are ready to implement this project this month.

Women teachers saving lives in rural areas?

This primary medical care program in ultra-rural areas, which we initiated and started last year, is extraordinary; it saves lives. Since December 2022, participants in the primary medical care program – the village teachers – have provided first aid to children and villagers. They treat wounds, diseases, malaria, and dengue and do more than just save lives.

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In Sumba, pests destroy crops and starve populations! We can help them!

In Sumba, pests destroy crops and starve populations! We can help them!

In East Sumba, In addition to the pandemic, the economic crisis that is hitting hard on the populations of one of the poorest regions of Indonesia, farmers have to face a real scourge: Pests that destroy crops and therefore starve populations. These include caterpillars and grasshoppers among other plant pests.
We are there to help these populations to survive, with all of you!

How can we help keeping children learning during the COVID-19 pandemic?

How can we help keeping children learning during the COVID-19 pandemic?

School closures have devastating consequences for children’s learning and wellbeing. The most vulnerable children and those unable to access remote learning are hit even harder, as they are at an increased risk of never returning to the classroom, sometimes forced into child labor and even child marriage. Schoolchildren globally also rely on their schools as a place to interact with peers, seek support, access health and immunization services, and a nutritious meals. The longer schools remain closed, the longer children are cut off from these critical elements of childhood.

The impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on children is dvastating!

The impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on children is dvastating!

With the rapid closure of schools around the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, children and young people, especially those living in crisis contexts, have lost an important space that provided them with stability, so even as the environment around them kept growing uncertain. The economic shocks caused by COVID-19 have had devastating consequences by deepening the poverty and food insecurity that many families were already facing, including those living in contexts facing pre-existing challenges. The mental health of adults and children deteriorated as they were confined to their homes; Both governmental and non-governmental agencies have reported a significant increase in violence and other threats that specifically target children and young people.

A word from Alex | We live a real humanitarian and food crisis!

A word from Alex | We live a real humanitarian and food crisis!

2020, 2021, 2022 will be years of food and health disasters, here in Indonesia but also in the world, especially in under developing countries and those like here, where the population is not the main concern of the authorities. federal. Covid-19, Tuberculosis, Dengue Fever, malnutrition, economic poverty, even less access to medical care than before… And people are trying to live… And Fair Future is doing the best it can to help as much people as possible!

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#pictureoftheday | More often than not, a single picture is worth all the words in the world.

Sometimes we show you real heroes, but it will always be an authentic story that one of us is living and wants to pass on!

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