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Rebuild MbinuDita

Our new school in East Sumba, for hundreds of children aged 8 to 13, has been completed

The MbinuDita school project? No, it’s not just a simple school!

It is the center of life for several thousand people in this very rural region, located far from everything, where no real road leads!

As you know, Fair Future and Kawan Baik work in the outermost and very rural areas of eastern Indonesia. MbinuDita? It is the story of an old school made of earth, pebbles, bamboo which, one day in December 2029, collapsed because of a storm!

The true story of the foundation’s collaborators who on that day cried, because no more school for this community, then meant that the children would no longer have access to any source of education, of knowledge … And for teachers, no more work! For the parents of these hundreds of children, it also meant a lot less chance of development and a less bright future for them!

Today, after building a new school, bigger, stronger, with materials resistant to storms, bad weather, earthquakes, Fair Future and Kawan Baik, as part of the program we named “rebuild MbinuDita “, continue to provide basic things for the lives of thousands of people there.

The program “Rebuild MbinuDita” is to give access to clean water to all the inhabitants of the community (water is extremely scarce here), but also to medical care, to healthy food by creations of organic gardens. These activities have no other objectives than to increase the quality of their life, to provide better health to people (especially children, vulnerable people, pregnant women), access to health and medical care, and for people to be able to increase their income.

What the foundation succeeded in doing, with the help of the people of the village, is absolutely out of the ordinary

You have to imagine or try to do it: Here, we are in the middle of nature. At the top of a hill where a very small path leads. It is there at the top that the old school was located! Without this old or new school, children would not have access to education. Or else, they would have to walk between 5 and 8 kilometers one way, to reach another school, through the hills, without shoes, without water… Impossible, not when you are between 8 and 13 years old!

We built a school there! By bringing materials from far away, from the town of Surabaya on the island of Java. By boat, by trucks too. Because here in Sumba, there are no similar building materials, solid, resistant. We built it in less than 5 months, in the midst of the pandemic. We were there every day, slept on the site or made them back and forth from Rumah Kambera, the Foundation’s Base Camp in eastern Indonesia. And we built it without electricity other than that provided by the generator in fact three, but two did not survive the harshness of the site!

Who are the children who come to MbinuDita’s school every day?

MbinuDita’s children? They have over a hundred coming to their new school every day. They still have to walk a little, but much less than if there was no school !. They are children from rural families, poor but rich in local cultures and traditions. This school offers them a chance to learn in good conditions, with quality teachers (also from the village and trained by the Foundation).

They are 8 to 12/13 years old. They marvel at nothing and play with a pebble, a piece of wood … They don’t speak much, are shy but we are there every day, so they know us well. And now we are part of their lives!

What are the programs and activities that take place in the MbinuDita school?

  • All school programs for the five different school levels;
  • Activities related to ecology, the creation of vegetable gardens among others;
  • Games and fun activities such as drawing, painting, chatting, teaching local cultures with the aim of preserving them;
  • The children also participate in the activities of the foundation, they help us without our having to ask them to do so. When, for example, we create a 6,000-liter tank that will be used to store rainwater;
  • In cleaning activities, manufacturing collective meals, etc…

Today? What do we still need from the “Rebuild MbinuDita” program?

  • Teachers need school supplies, books, notebooks, colored pencils, pens, water-based paints, large sheets of paper for painting and drawing, and anything that can be used to teach, to learn, and to develop in a fun way;
  • We also need you to help us keep the school in good condition, repaint from time to time because the climate here is harsh. Improve the solar electric system by adding solar panels too, repair a door that is broken;
  • We need medical equipment because the MbinuDiuta school is also the social and medical center of the region. Fair Future indeed organizes medical care, medical visits, distribution of vitamins or drugs specific to a disease as needed. In this, we still need funds in order to buy the necessary drugs to treat this population. These medical care activities are organized from the Foundation’s Base Camp in Rumah Kambera;
  • As part of the “Water Connections” program, which aims to ensure that villages have access to clean water sources, toilets, and adequate sanitation solutions, we need construction materials to drill wells, build water tanks, toilets, and even showers as we have been doing for a long time in eastern Indonesia;

We thank you very much for your kindness and your incredible participation in this project. This sum that Fair Future Foundation and Kawan Baik Indonesia were able to collect in order to build this school is something totally out of the ordinary, even magical.

We must now continue… School is not an end in itself, but a beginning!

Start of the study: January 2020 | Start of works: August 2020 | End of Work: December 2020

The school collapsed and was 100% destroyed by a storm on December 19, 2020. The foundation reacted immediately and decided to rebuild it. But the COVID-19 pandemic has been there …

Technical planning, architectural plans, coordination, and ordering of materials began in January 2020, the start of construction in August 2020, and the end of work was celebrated in mid-December 2020.

Here the foundation has built a school of 3 classes, for levels 1, 2 and 3. That is to say children ages 8 to 10 years old.

This construction is the result of intense work and permanent involvement of the foundation on the ground. The success is there and now more than a hundred kids go there every day.

This new school is made to last over time, so that entire generations of children can learn here in MbinuDita … In the middle of nowhere, on the top of one of the highest hill of East Sumba.

Number of beneficiaries

About 15,000 inhabitants. Children of the region, families to develop eco-friendly activities for a better life.

Total amount of this Project


Funded by Fair Future

CHF. 41’836.-

Final Report

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FFF Base Camp In East Sumba


What the foundation succeeded in doing, with the help of the people of the village, is absolutely out of the ordinary