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Mbinudita | Pak Awang talks about his everyday struggles

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Kawan: Alex Wettstein

Date of Publication

The July 15, 2022

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What is this audio podcast about? Pak Awang is Marapu, one of the foundation's very good friends and an outstanding worker. Aged 55, Pak Awang is happy to have a new water tank for his family, made up of 19 people living in 3 small wooden and bamboo houses at the top of one of the hills in the region. He and his family have no money and are struggling to eat every day. He only has two goats left and no more rice, no more corn. It is a poignant testimony, touching in more than one way because it teaches us that we still have to do more to be able to further improve the living conditions of people living in ultra-rural areas of East Sumba, the poorest of the regions of Indonesia. Thank you so much for your interest Kawan.

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Recorded by the teams of Fair Future and Kawan Baik Indonesia foundations