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The January 24, 2023

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Extract and Description of this News: Indonesian women play a vital role in water management due to their traditional responsibilities of collecting water, cooking, cleaning and raising children. These women from these ultra-rural areas of eastern Indonesia are strong. They represent tremendously well the strength and the courage it takes to survive here in this vast country. To fend for themselves most of the time, without the help of others, to meet the family's most basic needs. Therefore, empowering women to increase water security is essential in the regions where we work. With climate change affecting water sources, it is vital to ensure that women are involved in water management decisions. This allows (we see this every day) families and local communities to improve their incomes and the health of family members, including their children. - Thank you for your interest.
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Alex Founder of Fair Future

Support the medical team for the primary medical care program for children in rural areas, but also -for this month- the malaria epidemic, which is very strong here in eastern Indonesia and for which we are firmly committed. Thank you very much.

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