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Primary medical care program for kids in rural areas

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What is this project led by Fair Future about? The inhabitants of rural villages do not have access to primary care, and most medical centres are often several hours away on foot. The harshness of life here means we often get hurt, but nothing is available to treat ourselves—no doctor, knowledge, medical equipment and, of course, no antiseptic or medicine. These injuries can lead to the death of a child or an adult if they get worse. We must therefore act quickly. Fair Future, for years, has empowered schools and families in ultra-rural communities to take action in the event of an accident. Today, we are taking another step in this program. Thank you very much Kawan

We need a truck to bring equipment to villages

Linked among others to the Deep Well Drilling program (Water Connections), we need to acquire a small second-hand truck, to transport our drilling machine to the sites from our base camp in Sumba East. But also all building materials (sand, cement, bricks, scrap metal etc…). At the moment, we cannot do this ourselves and have to resort to renting a truck. It costs too much and handicaps us a great deal. We are appealing to your big heart, friends. Thanks in advance for your help.

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